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03/14/2016 01:34 PMPosted by Darolyn

All in all, good strat. But someone mentioned an XT strat, can anyone share that one? Just for checks? Thanks!

From Jere's original post in this thread:

11/15/2015 09:04 AMPosted by Jere

If you use the broom + XT strat:
R1: Broom pet swaps out Deebs, bringing in Puzzle
R2: Swap in carry pet as Puzzle casts dodge
R3: Swap in XT
R4: Heart Broken
R5: Tympanic Tantrum
R6: **continues
R7: **continues (puzzle casts dodge again)
R8: Heart Broken
R9: Zap (kills puzzle, deebs comes back in)
R10: Swap to Broom
R11: Charge Windup
R12: use "Broom" ability (kills deebs)
R13: release windup (kills Tyri)

Pros and Cons:
Weebom is safer RNG than XT (if Tantrum crits on Puzzle, you will face Tyri..however this is pretty rare).
XT is faster (less rounds and Tantrum has a faster animation than cleave)
XT can be done twice in a row without needing to heal inbetween (again assuming good RNG...but usually is the case).

Either way, you can can do a level 1 carry with either. If your carry pet can survive the weak Deebs attack, there is a faster XT version:
R1: Broom pet swaps out Deebs, bringing in Puzzle
R2: Swap in XT (puzzle dodges)
R3: Heart Broken
R4: Tympanic Tantrum
R5: **continues
R6: **continues (puzzle dies, deebs comes in)
R7: Swap to level2+ carry
R8: Swap to broom
R9: Charge Windup
R10: use "Broom" ability (kills deebs)
R11: release windup (kills Tyri)

Edit: Removing extra [/quote]. I seem to always manage to add one by accident.
After hours of testing, I have come to a few conclusions regarding the Bronze Whelp/Spectral Tiger strat:
I am really, really bad at remembering to swap back to the carry after spectral tiger, and then back to tiger.

If your carry pet can survive Deeb's first hit, you can always start off with that pet in first round. The battle goes the same way, except the spectral tiger must pass on Puzzle's first two turns. That's how i mainly run it, but i wanted to post the 10 round/level 1 carry strat here. =)

I think you might like the bronze whelpling/ikky strat for when you're at work. it's a bit slower (1 minute and 40 seconds) but it's super hard to mess up.

tail sweepx4/early advantage/nocturnal strike/flock/nocturnal strike

The chances of failure for these strats are really really low (I think somewhere around 1/500).
I need to do this next time Squirt is up. I've been pretty focused on getting the old raid pets so I've put leveling on the back burner for awhile. I got K'ute monday night and I'm three pets from Tito, 3 tournaments from the Celestials. I forsee getting back to leveling in the future :)

Thanks for the strats!
I hope this is not too far back to be a necro, but with Squirt being available today and the Weebomb nerf, this strat works flawlessly. My MPD was able to solo the fight while still getting the carry pet in.

03/14/2016 08:46 AMPosted by Shadowdamna
Too brain drained from work to really experiment this morning....
Going to stick with
Mechanical Pandarean Dragon (breath, tbolt,decoy)
Scourged Whelpling (tail, Death, blood)

MPD vs Deebs Tbolt,Breath 3 or 4 times, Deebs dead
vs Tyri, Decoy, Tbolt, Breath thill dead
swap in leveler, swap out
vs Puzzle, same as Tyri
If needed SW, death, blood, tail

nice and nearly mindless "-)
Weeb is working fine. Not sure if the change is not live or if it was reverted but old strat is fine as of now.
Single MPD (double leveling pet) still works, too. Slight RNG during Tyri due to Darkness, sometimes it takes 1 more breath to kill of Puzzle, but besides that it's unchanged.


vs Deebs:
- Thunderbolt > Breath x4

vs Tyri
- Decoy > Thunderbolt > Breath x3-4
If Tyri gets off Surge of Light stun, restart.

vs Puzzle
- Swap #1 > Swap MPD > Breath x2 > Decoy > Swap #2 > Swap MPD > Thunderbolt > Breath until dead
I just ran about 10 Broom/Webom Squirt battles. Cleave's damage has been nerfed.

The strat still works as originally conceived, but Webom now dies before applying that one last satisfying "Cleave" on Puzzle.

Fortunately, the Broom can handle him with Batter all the way out.

It just takes several rounds longer now due to the Cleave nerf and working around Puzzle's dodges.
The Enchanted Broom/Weebomination combo still works fine for me. It just takes an extra 4-5 turns to get everything down.
The suggestion earlier in this thread is working like a charm.
I used an S/S bronze whelp + Widget, and it worked every time.

I jumped on late and did about 40 battles without a problem.
scourged welpling/rapana welk/ carry pet, that team has never failed me, found a strat in comments on wowhead for squirt at the beginning of the xpac, carry needs to be lvl 5ish .
I just use Pandaren Dragonling and it solo's Squirt's entire team. The Thunderbolt nerf is okay cause it doesn't really effect the strat.

Start with leveling pet
Using any ability and switch to Dragonling.
-Breath until Diablo is dead. You should depending on rng be about 30-50% hp left.
-Decoy first turn vs Tyrael, Thunderbolt second, Breath till dead.
-Breath Treasure Goblin till dead, put up Decoy when it's off CD.

this is fairly easy, even if you do die you have a 3rd slot for a ringer, but 99% of the time Pandaren Dragonling soloed her.

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