Torn between a Ret pally or Fury warrior

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So i just recently started playing again and i'm starting fresh. New server, characters everything. I want to only have 2 characters to level 100 and right now it is a druid and either a Paladin or a Warrior. I do not plan on being a hardcore raider or anything i just want to casually play.

Although i have never played one as a main I have always liked the idea of just mowing down everything while DW 2H weapons it just seems fun and really appeals to the style I like. However the one thing that has always played a factor was the lack of surivability.

Paladin has always been my main and the class i run to when all else fails. and i think that is because i found them easy to play. If i found myself biting off more than i could chew it was no biggie because i had the self heals to get through it. However the actual DPS of a ret to me feel kinda bland and slow. So it was like a love/hate relationship.

I have not really had a chance to keep up with everything as far as changes coming in the expansion but i want others opinions on my dilemma.

Should I say screw it and go for the warrior or play it safe and just make another pally? How do the classes look in legion? (just a side question)
Warrior, paladins are the embodiment of boring
CRUSH - KILL - DESTROY! Take enraged regen, and make sure you kill lots of stuff fast for victory rush!
Don't listen to Ramikor! Come into the light!
Both! I have a warrior and paladin version of this character. It's worth a third imo!
Fury warrior > Ret Pally.

I mean, unless you don't want to be cool, then go Paladin.
02/12/2016 05:07 PMPosted by Karmageddin
Don't listen to Ramikor! Come into the light!

Pfft. What does a stupid holy pally know 'bout killin'?
Just don't play pally for PvP...

If Pve either one of them is fine...
Lol warrior seems to be unanimous. Think I'm gonna try something new this time around.
PvE - Go with what you think is the most fun.

PvP - Warriors are usually very strong. Ret generally is below average and very comp dependent. If you can't find a hunter it's hard to get a 3v3 team and it's one of the worst specs in the game in RBGs. Here's hoping to legion reversing that trend.
Fury warrior!

Why? Cause, thats why. Just CAUSE.

Rock on!
But you know, you are free to play BOTH. : )

I say warrior, Fury though.

Rock on!
Its because wow is smooching bajheera freakily muscular buttocks. I started this toon years ago, but yea Paladins are even more uninspired and bland right now.
As eager as I am to try the new ret, going on what I've seen so far I'd say warrior. If only for the new animations. I mean my god, have you seen the new whirlwind?! It's amazing! Not to mention those swords look a lot like the ones Kratos uses. I can't imagine that was accidental.
I was wondering the same thing recently and choose to go with my ret. I'm only doing PvE on him though.
02/12/2016 03:20 PMPosted by Fluxxeh
If you're going to pve then choose whatever you like the most. If you want to pvp though, stay far away from ret paladins.
02/12/2016 03:19 PMPosted by Cresselia
DW 2H weapons

Is all the answer you need.

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