Celebrity day at the Celestial Tournament

Pet Battles
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Two months had passed since Sargeras attempted to invade Azeroth with demonic battle pets in Azshara. With the heroes of Azeroth battling on the Broken Isles and much of Azeroth's attention focused there, one opportunistic Goblin sees his chance to make his move!

Trade Prince Zepp had been planning the perfect trap while his army of Peddlefeet replenished it's numbers and continued buffing. He would set up a the biggest and most extravagant open pet battle tournament on the Timeless Isle. It would be so grand that even Azeroth's mightiest heroes would be drawn to it. Invitations were sent out to every city in Azeroth and even Outland and Draenor. Zepp wanted everyone who could offer resistance in one location where his forces could have them surrounded.

The day had finally arrived. Beings from all over Azeroth, Outland and Draenor came to see the amazing spectacle. Gurgthock and Wodin were there taking bets.

"Boss we've got more people here than we imagined!" Said TK421, surprising Zepp out of his trance like thoughts." Look boss! We've got Thrall, King Varian, and Darion Mograine! Lady Sylvanas, Vol'jin, Priestess Tyrande, Bain Bloodhoof and Gelbin Mekkatorque should be arriving soon. The other faction leaders are prepping their pets."

"All according to plan, TK" Zepp drooled as he rubbed his tiny green hands together. "This is our moment of triumph. The age of the Goblin has come. Maximum profit and buffs! Go display the prize gold. I want it high in the sky where everyone can see it. I want it to shine off the sun so bright that those saps...I mean participants have no second thoughts about being here."

The stands were filled and there were lines of customers at the food and beverage vendors as Zepp made his inauguration speech. " Ladies and Gentleman. Welcome to the first annual Celebrity Tournament! It warms my heart to see so many guests and contestants here. Today we have a prize of one-hundred million gold pieces up for grabs to victor. The victor will be showered with admiration and fame like no other in pet battle history. A statue of pure gold will be erected of them and their pets to forever be displayed here on the Isle. Good luck to each of you and may the best pet battler win! And hey.... King Varian...if you win maybe you can get your park fixed! Bwahahaha!" The rest of the contestants and the crowd laughed along with Zepp.

The contestants matched up and took positions. The left stage showed Ji Firepaw facing off against Genn Greymane. Aysa Cloudsinger took on Prophet Velen. Magni Bronzebeard squared off against Vol'jin.

The center stage presented Gelbin Mekkatorque taking on Priestess Tyrande. Thrall versus Darion Mograine. King Varian battled Trade Prince Gallywix.

The left stage featured Belloc Brightblade against Harrison Jones. Yrel took on Regent Lord Lor'themar. And Bain Bloodhoof fought Lady Sylvanas.

While the celebrities battled in the Celestial Court, up above a tiny golden figure danced across the sky singing her favorite song "♪I'm gonna soak up the sun. I'm gonna tell everyone to lighten up♪"

A few hours passed and the tournament was down to it's final contestants. Zepp was ready to make his move until he noticed that Thrall seemed to have no pets left. "Hey Thrall, even if you won your last match, you're disqualified if you run out of pets to battle with."

All eyes turned to Thrall.

"I have one pet left," The mighty shaman stated. "But I'm reluctant to use it. It's power is too great. It would be an unfair match."

Zepp jumped down off his throne and walked over to Thrall "Let's see it bub. I'll make the call" Thrall reached into his satchel and pulled out a small disc- like-shaped object that looked like it was made of solid gold and presented it for inspection.

Zepps' eyes went wide "Is....is THAT the Dragon Soul!?" Thrall stepped back a few paces and lowered his head. "It use to be. The force of it's use against Deathwing left it transformed and it's power was all but used up during the battle at Wrymrest Temple and at the Maelstrom." "Now it's nothing more than a unique yet powerful battle pet. I call it Pet Rock."

Zepp tumbled over laughing at the news. " All this time we've thought of you as the most powerful hero in Azeroth and the keeper of the Dragon Soul. This explains why you had to steal a kill in Draenor and why a berserk warmongering Garrosh nearly beat you with no magic! You're beaten! You're washed up Thrall!"

Thrall couldn't take that level of disrespect and mockery. Thrall wasn't beaten or washed up. He was a savior of Azeroth. He clenched Pet Rock in his hand and gathered his power as he bellowed "LOK-TAR" as he hurled Pet Rock right at Zepp's tiny green head.

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Part 2 of 2

"Ngah!" Zepp cried out as Pet Rock collided with his head, knocking him out cold. TK flew over to Zepp's side and saw he would be alright. He lifted Zepp up and flew him back over to Zepp's throne. "Enough! Thrall, Varian, take your positons for the next battle!" TK ordered.

Thrall and Varian took their places and presented their pets. Varian with Mini Lo'gosh and much to everyone's surprise, Thrall changed pets to Mini Spirit Wolf who had already battled. The winner would face Highlord Darion Mograine in the final battle who had won a bye round.

Just as the match was about to begin there was a loud rumbling from the shore line and a Avatar of Sargeras approached the courtyard. "Insects. You thought you had won? I will enter your tournament and claim victory."

With Zepp unconscious, TK421 had to make a tough call. End the tournament or carry on with the bosses plan? "Fine fine. You can battle the smelly guy as long as you have a pet." Avatar of Sargeras nodded and entered the courtyard. He stopped in the center and gazed over the other three battlers. His eyes widened at the sight of King Varian Wrynn whome many thought was dead.

"Wrynn. How can this be?" Avatar of Sargeras questioned. " I am Varian, son of Llane. I am a defender of Azeroth, and as long as there is breath in my lungs I will continue defending."

As Varian spoke Avatar of Sargeras presented his pet, Mini Jaraxxus. They took their positions and prepared to battle. "You face Mini Jaraxxus! Eredar Lord of the burning legion pet team!"

A tiny green beam of light shot out from the guest stands across the courtyard and connected with Mini Jaraxxus. "Behold! The absolute power of Wilfred Fizzlebang! You're bound to me this time demon!"

Avatar of Sargeras and Mini Jaraxxus both roared in annoyance. "Trifling Gnome! How are you even alive?"
"I possess the Infinity Soulstone! One of six great stones that have existed before time!" Wilfred declared as he began running out of the courtyard and down to the beach flight path.

Avatar of Sargeras gathered up his power and started firing fel fireballs without aiming in Wilfred's direction. People began to scatter as Avatar of Sargeras began his attack and Thrall tried to shield people from the Fel Fireballs. Upon doing so one hit Thrall direct in the chest and he went down. Darion Mograine ran over to Thrall and attempted to resurrect him with his scourge powers. "Hey! No healing or resurrecting of any kind during a tournament! Those are the mechanics!" shouted TK421

As the heroes of Azeroth began fighting the Avatar of Sargeras, Wilfred Fizzlebang safely reached his destination. "Amazing work Wilfred. I couldn't have done it any better myself." Millhouse Manastorm's eyes gleamed as he looked over the cage containing Mini Jaraxxus. "Finally a N.U.K.U.L.A.R. weapon!".

Millhouse began opening a portal to an unknown location for himself and Wilfred to make their escape. As he did they could hear cheering from the courtyard as the Avatar of Sargeras was defeated.
Mayhem seems to be ensueing.
Okay...it's not bad enough that I am clearly a malevolent goblin type, but now I'm knocked out for most of the story?!? What is blue blazes is going on at this tournament??? And who has 100,000,000 gold??? I can't even buy a WoW Token!!! Okay that might be an exaggeration, but still all that gold...and a free golden statue...
02/27/2016 12:16 AMPosted by Zepp
Okay...it's not bad enough that I am clearly a malevolent goblin type

Not malevolent at all. Just your normal greedy green self, who wants to own and control everything. :P

02/27/2016 12:16 AMPosted by Zepp
but now I'm knocked out for most of the story?!? What is blue blazes is going on at this tournament???

You're going to need that nap for what comes next. It's going to be big!

02/27/2016 12:16 AMPosted by Zepp
And who has 100,000,000 gold??? I can't even buy a WoW Token!!! Okay that might be an exaggeration, but still all that gold...and a free golden statue...

Goblins do! You're a Trade Prince.
Pet Rock.

How has this not been thought of previously? Well done my lady.

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