The Outcasts "Moose-A-Wish" Runs for Charity

Dragonblight and Fenris
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I'm very excited to bring you news of an awesome event the Outcasts will be holding in honor of Egonstranglr, a beloved guildie who has recently passed away.

When we lost Egon, we tried to find a way to honor him in an enduring way and to bring some happiness to his family, who know that we cared deeply for him. We've tried to start a twitter campaign using the hashtag #bringEgontoLegion, but we felt this wasn't enough. Why ask for something for nothing? Instead we decided to give back in the process by expanding our Friendship Moose-inspired runs we'd been holding on our server for the Grove Warden mount. Egon was a survivor of childhood cancer, and a supporter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation for how they helped him.

To help #bringEgontoLegion and to brighten the lives of children helped by Make-A-Wish, we'll be opening up our usual Moose Runs to all servers, any one on Horde, who still needs their moose. For every moose we get for someone, we'll be making a contribution to Make-A-Wish Foundation, as this is the charity he and his family supported. All we ask in return, is for help getting Egon to Legion with us in the form of an NPC.

Here Is What You Need To Know:

    1. The runs will occur every night at 8pm EST Monday, Apr 4th through Sunday, Apr 11th.
    2. There is a entry "fee" of a tweet of #bringEgontoLegion to @WarcraftDevs (I am @Cryoxene on twitter) OR a post of the hashtags (#bringEgontoLegion and #MooseAWish) on our forum post.
    3. Anyone from any server is welcome, small groups are welcome as well, as long as they are at level 100 on Horde.
    4. We will be donating $1 for every moose we get done directly to Make-A-Wish Foundation in honor of Egon (in addition to our already planned guild donation).
    5. Runners, volunteers, and friends of our cause can also help donate through our website, but, while deeply appreciated, this is NOT required to get a moose. More information can be found below if you are curious about how we are handling the donations.
    6. NO item level requirements, NO gold or cash fee, NO required vent, and NO knowledge of the fight required.
    7. Because we will be running with a smaller team than usual, wipes are not likely but possible. Please be understanding.

Information on our donation process:

UPDATE: We now have an official Make-A-Wish fundraiser for those inclined, however NOT required to donate. This can be found at Our guild donation, matching, and donations prior to having this set up will be donated at the END of the week. (So no panic if it's empty!) Keep in mind however, these donations are entirely voluntary and not required for participants.

How to sign up:

If you would like to sign up please visit our website ( Our sign ups will be under the "Moose-A-Wish" thread in the General Forums. All you have to do is post there and you will be automatically added to our list. If you cannot access our website for any reason, please contact me or any officer in game on Fenris Horde (Crystilia#1597).

Please understand that space is limited due to time constraints, so it will be first come first serve. If we have more people than we can accommodate during the week, we are more than happy to try to help you get your moose on a coming Saturday run as we will be doing them until Legion.

Why are we doing this?
For Egon. We want to bring him to Legion, and what better way to gain momentum than by supporting his family's chosen charity? Blizzard has been good to Make-A-Wish in the past, and we hope that this will sway them to put Egon in as an NPC in Legion. Plus, we get to help children! It's win/win/win for everyone! You get a moose, we get to see our friend live on in Legion, and Make-A-Wish gets to help children in need.

If you do not need the moose, but want to help, what can you do?
We may need volunteers for understaffed nights, but at this point we look like we will be able to do the whole set with guildies. If you feel like helping further, donations and retweets/posts are the best way (you can find our movement by searching our hashtag on twitter). Spreading the word is also a huge help. We need all the good vibes we can get!
Google doc is up, SOME NAMES ARE MISSING. If you are one of them, let me know. If you cannot make the day you are down for, don't panic, just let me know and I will move you!

Hint: ctrl+F.
This is such a great movement; kudos and best of luck to you and your guild!
Good luck! I'll definitely tweet the devs for you, but not sure I'll be able to partake in a run.
God bless y'all! I already have my moose but I'll be sure to pass this along. If you need an extra heal to help carry, I'm Treakie@Area 52.
This is wonderful!
I think this is a really great idea!
You guys are pretty godlike for doing this for your friend
This is absolutely an amazing thing you guys are doing!
Love to see the wow community come together and make this happen!
This is why I love the community in this game!


Feel free to hit me up if you need a extra healer for this. I can help out any night of that week except Tues, Weds, and Thurs.

#MooseAWish Great idea for a great cause.
#MooseAWish Awesome idea... This is great way to raise awareness.

"May my ancestors watch over me"
With the support of the community anything is possible =D!
I've signed up, this is a great thing you are doing!

And my axe!....wait crap no I don't use those...#MooseAWish
Isn't accepting real money for an in game service against the ToS?

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