Am I due for any upgrades?

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I've had this computer for around 2 years without upgrading anything. Here's the specs:

I'm not very computer savvy and I would like to be able to play 2 games at the same time without having huge FPS issues, are there any components that I should definitely replace first?
What games? Running two intensive programs can be taxing on even the best of systems.

The 8670D Is not the most powerful card on the market - in fact, all the things I can find on it make it seem like more of a "budget" card.

Keep in mind, if you're trying to run two games, on two separate monitors - most programs (games included) drop into a "low usage" mode when not the focused window - So, the game/program detects that its not the window currently being used, and automatically lowers its GPU and CPU usage to make whatever is currently the focus run better.

All in all - Running 2 games on one system, if they're both Modern games.. (Wow, Etc..) is never going to be a pleasurable experience -
On your rig, I hate to say it, but I'd bet it would be nearly impossible.
Upgrade your graphics card (spend around $200).
Like mentioned, a better GPU, but also more RAM. 8GB may not be enough to have two games running at the same time along with the OS and other software in the background.

I'm not sure if Windows will override this and limit the usage it allows, or if that is even possible, but in WoW you can set the focused and background FPS caps somewhere in settings, advanced I think. You can say you want like 120 FPS while in the game, and say 60 FPS while tabbed out.
Firstly, there is no graphics card in that system. The GPU is the on-die GPU provided by the APU. Upgrading it isn't so much a matter of taking it out and putting in a new one, rather simply putting one in to begin with (and then ensuring your screen/s is/are attached to it).

8GB should also be quite adequate. Most games still stick below the base 32-bit memory limit (2GB) when running, even if they're 64-bit programs. A few don't but they're still the exception rather than the rule (and often they're still in development). Provided you haven't disabled Virtual Memory (and you really shouldn't ever do that) than it would be fine.

That having been said, 2 games at once? Yeah, that's going to be a crapshoot depending on what they are. Two WoW clients, for example, will be too much for it even if you shove a Titan X in there - it's still going to be running on a "quad" core AMD Piledriver. I use the quotation marks as the entire Bulldozer lineup (Bulldozer, Piledriver and Excavator) only have one full-function FPU for each 2 ALUs, which hurts in heavily floating point situations that aren't written with Bulldozer in mind (like WoW).

Without knowing what you're actually trying to run, there's no way to know for certain whether you'll get by with only a small upgrade, or if it needs a complete overhaul. Best guess is that you're going to be looking more towards the latter.

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