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To those who have never done them, the Missing Diplomat quests, Linken, the Onyxia attunement, etc. might as well be new content.

And they're so far removed from the current questing experience that I suspect that even pre-Cata veterans might consider them a refreshing experience.
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I miss when class trainers were my actual trainers, and gave me quest. ^_^

And I hated that stuff because usually they sent you to dungeons.
I miss when there were not blatant and slightly more subtle vanilla server argument threads bombarding this forum every 1/2 hour.
I miss the old look of things. Old school brill. I remember leveling my 1st undead through there. Actually looked human made now they have the plague chap everywhere and it sucks
I miss the Defias storyline. It was there from level 3 on. You knew who the enemy was, and they were out to kill me, and could, and did.

They were behind rocks. They were congregated in Jerrod's Landing, and if I stepped too far south I was toast.

They were in tents in Westfall. They had taken over an entire town and I had to get through the town to get to the Deadmines.
Honestly, no. While both incarnations of Kalimdor and EK have their ups and downs, I vastly prefer the cataclysm zones to those of their vanilla incarnations.
During bc I always told myself I hated how long the leveling took but honestly, the people you would meet, make friends with, etc. Made it way better than what we have now.
Some things I miss. Others I don't.
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Another reason why legacy/progression servers should be a thing, so that players who had never experienced it could see it.

They could add a portal to the Caverns of Time or something that lets people see and quest in the pre-Sundering world.

With the new transmog system coming out this would be a great thing. Allow people to go back and get all the lost transmog gear.

Edit: Downvote away, I guess it's vanilla server or bust for you people eh?

This is actually a great idea; despite my desire for a vanilla server, I do wish to see retail thrive and do great things as well, though I think blizz is clueless at this point tbh.
I miss some of the old questlines, but I don't at all miss the old questing layout, which was awful.

The only raids I have fond memories of are Karazhan and Ulduar, so I'm not especially missing most of the old raids.
I miss the amount of dungeons they had before Cata...every expansion is less and less one will only have one dungeon from 110 to 120 and then at level 120, they will have it as a heroic and mythic that will be it...
I don't know, I both miss and never want to see them again.

The quests and storylines themselves were good, the immersion in the zones was great. But MAN, doing questing in BC and Wrath zones really shows how much questing has improved.

I hated so much constantly going back and forth between questing hub and town over, and over, and over again to get and turn in quests. It was so annoying. But there are other aspects I miss.
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The quests and storylines themselves were good, the immersion in the zones was great. But MAN, doing questing in BC and Wrath zones really shows how much questing has improved.

I really don't remember much in the way of questing from vanilla just that it was a little bit annoying and the quest givers had me running around everywhere, I never completed alliance past level 20 though so can't comment on anything but horde.

The cata revamp I remember Orkus, Fionas Caravan, Garrosh being a bit of a badass in stonetalon, Welcome to the Machine, Maximillian of Goldshire, Rheas egg, all fantastic.

There were maybe a few too many pop culture references but the Cata revamped questing experience is great imo.
The old Elwynn Forest was the reason that I kept playing WoW. The world just felt bigger back then...

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