Greetings Illidan, Unknownmagë is a thief

Dont bother grouping with this loot ninja, hes undergeared and forms raid groups only to get carried and "reserve" loot right before the boss fight, if i were you id steer clear of him.

didnt think reporting him to blizz was enough so now his server will find out slowly but surely, take care :D
Please read descriptions before tarnishing peoples reputations
Umm i've been in 90% of his runs and the description always says "mage gear reserved" so that indicates really any intellect trinket that doesnt have spirit or is considered a healer trinket.... Any cloth in general, and all of his mage tier. So posting this on a forum for people to see is pretty much useless
what these two noobs said get rekt nerd lel
I see lots of qq, but very little pewpew. Loot is a Meritocracy, and you failed.

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