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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Final Form would welcome both of you in to our Mythic team. We are on Frostmourne how ever so PVP Server.

Cleared 3/13M first week in 5/13 this week. Skipped Gore and had half hour on Soc, knocked down to 44% with only half hour on him
simple missed kicks wiping us. Will be doing Soc/iska/Fel before working on Gore to secure the weekly loot. Raid Wed/Thurs/Sun 7:30 SVT.
We do archi sales on Fri/Mon nights for people who want to make some gold on the side (about 30k an hour) and always looking for big dps
for that too. Very active, fun and friendly Guild ! Average ilvl across this weeks 20 man team was 729.4.

Hit us up here or in game myself, Acidiam or Demte. Or visit

Thanks man
If you ever change your mind about the horde PvP server..
< Iradei - caelestrasz > gmt+8 WA Perth-based, 13/13hHFC, raiding regularly on Wed, Thurs, Sun, 11.30pm -- 2am ST or starts at 8.30pm WA/SG/HK time. We uses vent for communication, and loot-rule is MS>OS, fairly relaxed and casusal as most of us are working adults, some with family like me.

We have 2 solid tanks and a off-tank, 3 great healers and a few off-heals, but our guild raiders are melee heavy, so would like to recruit more rangeDPS for soon to be mythic-raiding. Melee, especially DK & Rogue are also welcome. We ask for a minimum of legendary ring at 735, and average ilvl 715.

I am in SGP, so feel free to contact rafe1978#1470 for more details. If you're slightly off the pace, you are welcome to have a chat with my GM.
Hi Cinder!!! :D
Hey Cinders, Archaeos <Frostmourne> 9/13M 13/13H HFC are looking for more dps, yes FM is a pvp server, but it's so Alliance dominated, it's not funny, if you're horde. Anyway, we're a fairly chill bunch and like a bit of fun while we raid,

We raid Wed, Thu 8-11pm AEST. with Monday and optional night

Hit us up if you would like to find out more information about our guild / raiding, or organise a trial, add


For a chat, or put in an app at
<Tempered> raid Mythic Wednesday and Thursday nights from 9:00-11:30 ST.

Horde PvE server (Khaz'goroth)~ Fun bunch of gals and guys~
Come kick butt on only 5 hours a week!
Currently 11/13 Mythic (12/13 tonight ;) )

Contact Pantlesspete#6537 or apply now at
Hi Cinderstorm,

[A]<Set Sail For Fail> on Nagrand, is a 10/13M guild looking for more consistent players. We raid 2 nights a week, weds/mon, 8:30pm - 11:30pm GMT+10 and have a fun time doing so.

Add me to your btag if you want to chat more


Add Farnzy26#1855 for a chat, we currently looking to fill out our Mythic Roster/ Currently 2/13 Mythic. For current and beyond (Future)

845pm -12.15am

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