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Hey there,

I am a 5/13M DK looking for a new guild to trial with. I am a seasoned raider and love a challenge. I can adapt to any change and am forever trying to better myself as a raider.

Due to family and work commitments I can only raid +8gmt between 1opm and 2am server time AEST.

I will always be able to make any raid and if unable to will always notify the raid lead or officer well before the raid is to commence.

I always bring consumables and have my gear fully enchanted/gemmed and upgraded before raid starts

My btag is Kadajj#1486 - please add me anytime, happy to have a chat.


Hey Auron,

We're Epic Gaming and looking out for another dk to add into our core group.
Currently at 10/13M for HFC and we raid 2 nights a week on friday and saturday along with an optional farm night on thursdays.

Raid are at 8.30PM - 11.30PM (+8GMT)

I'm a lil confused actually whether this matches your time as you mentioned I can only raid +8gmt between 1opm and 2am server time AEST. but :) if you're actually referring to 10pm-2am SERVER TIME, then we're a match.

We're from Frostmourne Alliance however, i will definite add you up tonight and have a chat with you tonight.

Now, if you're keen, please do send in an application at http://epicgaming.shivtr.com/site_applications/new

and let us know thru any of the following btags once you're done :)
Leong#1902 / Mii#1892 / Scurwee#1669 / jkhan#1689
Hey Auron,
Apocalypse WoW on Jubei'thos, Horde, are recruiting a few new members to solidify our roster; due to the nature of DKs at the moment, they're always great to have around. We raid 7:15 - 11:00pm GMT+10 (which, unless my maths is horribly wrong, is 5:15pm - 9:00pm for GMT+8) on Wednesdays and Sundays.
We're 9/13 Mythic at the moment, with Tyrant at 40% after a night and a half of progression on her.
If you're interested, you can find more information here:

My battle.tag is UnbearablyOP#1622, I'll add you for a chat if you're interested.
Cheers. :)
Hey Hey Auron,

Iron Wolves is a 5/13M horde guild, looking for more friends to move into Legion. We are... well, I'd not even call us mid-core raiding team! We raid Wednesdays and Sundays, 8.30 - 10.30pm. However, as you can see, for only raiding 4 hours a week, we do kill the bad guys when it comes down to it.

In the bigger picture though, we are more interesting in building and maintaining the amazing inclusive culture that has is Iron Wolves. Our members are all working adults, many with families, so we understand that Real Life can and does come up from time to time. The main asset that sets Iron Wolves apart from other guilds, is the wonderful friendships that develop, and the fun that we have together. It is a mature guild environment, so conversations do often take a sideways twist, but it's never offensive.

If you would like to come hang out on Discord and get to know the guild, you would be more than welcome! A warning, you do have to love puns and dad jokes though... they are pretty bad...

If we sound like a guild you would be interested in, Dragon on Dragonexark#1401 or hit up one of the officers online.
Definitely get in touch with someone in Iron Wolves! Great guild with great people and a real sense of community that's up there in importance with progressing.
Greetings Auron!

The Realms Last VB are currently recruiting to develop a second raid team that will go into Normal HFC and then eventually Heroic. However we are recruiting for normal to start with. You can expect the raid size to be anywhere between 10 and 15 people.

Our raid schedule.
- Wednesday 7:30 - 10:30
- Friday 7:30 - 10:30
- Saturday 7:30 - 10:30

All times are based around ST/ EST.

Classes currently of high priority are.
- Tanks
- Heals

All other classes will be highly considered as we would still like a few more DPS to fill out the group.

All applications can be directed to myself or any recruiting officer.

Still looking! :)
Brutally Honest is a late night Australian raiding guild.

Forming in late SoO and finishing at OCE 26th (24th for 10man), BH are focused on being efficient and prepared, expecting our raiders to have thorough understanding of not only their class but also each encounter before we face it.

We are looking for skilled and dedicated players who can commit to our raid schedule, aren't prone to random AFK's or DC's, don't stand in fire, and are happy to have a bit of a laugh while pushing through content.

Progression: 8/10M Foundry, 7/7M Highmaul, 11/13M Hellfire Citadel

1 x DK DPS (High Priority)
1 x Tank (non BrM)
1 x Healer
1 x Ranged DPS

However, if you are an exceptional player and your class or role is not listed you should still feel free to approach an officer.

Current Scheduled raids are (GMT +8):
Fri - 8:30pm - 12:30am
Sat - 8:30pm - 12:30am

You should be approximately 710ilvl, have your legendary ring and have a strong raiding history to draw from.

If you think we're the guild for you please go to http://brutallyhonest.enjin.com/ or feel free to add us on B-tag with a note - Drakar (BT: Drakar#6209), Jbeka (Jbekka#6643).
bump for auron
Cheers Mana, still looking guys :)
please look for Icex tq
Hey there!
I am the gm of a guild called Iconic on the server Jubei'thos (Horde). We are currently looking for committed and skilled raiders to continue progressing into Mythic and into Legion. We are also happy to have social members join our fun guild!(Large and Active)
We are currently 11/13 Mythic and pushing progression on good old manno. Our current raid times are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 8pm-11pm Server time (Sydney time). We also do Heroic Clears on Friday to help those who are interested in mythic raiding but are not quite there. At times raid can become very stressful so if you don't have a thick skin than maybe this raiding environment isn't for you.
As for our active side of the guild, I personally love having a big social guild. Currently 930+ members who are always frequently online. I never see no less than 10 people online at one time and as many as 50+.
If this guild sounds like the guild for you than please feel free to pm me and we can have a chat!
BTag: shirleyann#1662
Hey Auron,

We're a 11/13M late night guild LF a DK :)

Our raid times: Mon, Wed, Thu, 11pm - 2am ST

I've added you for a chat but just in case, my btag is Ophea#1302

Hope to hear from you soon!
Hii mate, our guild IRADEI perth WA based, of caelestrasz/nagrand oceanic realm is still raiding and farming regularly hHFC on wed thus sun 10.30pmAEST or 8.30pm perth time.

You can join us on cross-server as foreign-aide basis, with Bnet invites from our raid leader. You can join our guild afterwards, if you like our relax and causal atmosphere, we use Discord apps for comm and loot-rule is MS > OS > upgrade > transmo..
Hey mate,

We raid 9-1130/12am Wed thurs mon

Be interested to chat more,


add jbomb#1142

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