[RP] A Quiet Departure

Emerald Dream
The Horde capital city was fairly quiet during the evening. Though the harsh Durotar sun was not out, its warmth still lingered, as it was still rather humid out. The Wyvern's Tail Tavern was empty save for 2 orcs on opposite ends of the bar. By the looks of there vestments, both appeared to be shamans.

One of them was passed out, sleeping with his head on the table infront of him, some drool trickling out of his mouth. Clearly, this orc was drinking. The other orc was wide awake, his attention focused down on a paper infront of him. He appears to have spent quite sometime writing it.

As he finished with his writings, he got up and walked towards the sleeping orc. He took the note and gently slide it under the sleeping one's hand, careful of not to wake him. The shaman then went back to his table and picked up a large bag from under it, before slowly making his way to the door.

He looks back at the sleeping shaman once more. "Thank you, Dacota". He nods at him, before exiting the bar.

To my clan, my friends, no, my family,

I know brothers and sisters that we all thought our victory over the Iron Horde would be the end of our troubles, but as we chose to stay in Draenor to fight along side our former clans we challenged our old home world's Horde, and by that challenge to the former authority we once sworn loyalty too we are now reviled, persecuted, and hunted. I write to you with which I would hope would be good news, or even slightly better news. Alas, such is not the case.

I am...I'm not sure if what I will be doing will be the end of me, or a new beginning, I wish I could tell you more, but even I do not know myself. I will be out of touch for some time. And if the ancestors are with me, I will return to you. If not... I will stop there. There is still things I want to say, but caution says should not reveal.

My heart, my desire would see us all back at the feast table in our grand clan hall, but until that happens, I ask you be safe, protect your clan brothers and sisters, give shelter when needed, or necessary. And when I'm done with my own issue, I will make every effort to return to see you all gathered back in our great hall. Until then, I leave you in the good hands of the Elders of our clan. My hope is that they can continue where I have halted in guiding this family to a glorious future.

Lok'tar Ogar!

Ugan Earthbreaker
((Good bye my young clam brother))
((Just so there is no confusion, no I am not quiting/leaving or anything. Just having Ugan disappear for awhile))

Dacota looks around and notices Ugan has left.

*passes out*
Bah, should have just put me in charge a long time ago. Back to hunting I suppose. The enemies of Vol'jin will not rest so long as I can help it.
03/21/2016 09:37 PMPosted by Ugan
((Just so there is no confusion, no I am not quiting/leaving or anything. Just having Ugan disappear for awhile))

((Ugan is disappearing.... UGAN ~Shotaris2016))
Margg slams his mug on the table.

"Without the protection of the Stormfist around I am sure raids on the false horde will be easy pickings."

Margg motions toward his peon to fetch him his worg mount.

"I am sure the Warlord will love this news."


((Take care amigo, We will see ya when you get back. Until then Aka'magosh!))

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