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Citizens of Stormwind and all throughout Azeroth! Stormwind University wants to hear YOUR opinions on some of our world’s most vexing dilemmas!

We’re pleased to announce our newest series of public community events: the Stormwind University Debate Series!

Once every month, the Alliance’s greatest scholars, philosophers, free thinkers, and - yes! - even and especially adventurers, are openly invited to get together and duke it out in the intellectual arena! Whether we’re debating the cause of conflict, solutions to a long-standing dilemma, historical and/or present day speculations or perhaps what the future may hold, we can guarantee this: You’ll leave seeing our world just a little bit differently!

All are welcome to attend! This is a community-wide event, and we’re looking for interested parties to be guests in our audience, as well as eager participants to fill out our debate team rosters for the scheduled dates listed below!

The Time: We will be holding a debate on every second Wednesday of the month at 6:00 PM Server Time. The scheduled debates through the next six months are as follows:

● April 13th
● May 11th
●June 8th
● July 13th
August 10th <~ Our next/upcoming event date!
● September 14th

The Place: The town hall in the Ruins of the Scarlet Enclave. ICly, this building will represent one of Stormwind University's salon rooms.

Who's Debating?: Any debate will consist of at least two debaters, which anyone can become a part of after a short interview. As people contact us with unique and interesting takes on the topic, they'll be invited to join the team! There is a hard cap of six debaters.

What's the Format?: After stating the session’s topic, our debate begins by each of our speakers, in order, making their opening statements—a clear and concise statement, made up of no more than two chat boxes’ worth of dialogue, declaring the argument they’ll defend for the duration of the event. This order will be randomly determined, and will be constant throughout the entire debate. Following this, the debaters, in order, will have chances to speak over a number of rounds. Using no more than two chat boxes’ worth of dialogue, they may defend, rebut and, of course, debate theirs and their rivals’ claims!

There is no hard limit for the number of rounds. While we guarantee that no debate will go on for more than two hours, time taken per round and the number of debaters is too random to establish a definitive round limit. After the speakers have made their final remarks, the floor will be open to some input from the audience. Three or four audience members -time permitting - may be called upon to add their opinion.

What Are We Debating About?: The topic for the August 10th Debate session is:

"How do we facilitate the integration of Demon Hunters in our society?"

Awesome! Where do I sign up?: It’s easy! Contact myself, Pommie, Lestuu or Mhorighan via whisper or in-game letter, detailing your character’s take on an upcoming topic! We’re looking for interesting, unique opinions, and we’re excited to hear what you’ve got in store for us!

See you there!
Looking forward to this-- should be fun!
Ghaoithe Vs. The Forums

Wait, that's not the topic? Dang. :(
<bump for SU friends!>
whoah what's this doing way down here haha crazy!
<helps Ghaoithe bump the post! yay!>
A quick reminder that our inaugural session of this *ALL NEW* event takes place in less than a week!
03/27/2016 06:03 PMPosted by Amaranthaea
alt code 0237

ALT code?!? I play on a Mac, you insensitive clod!

Just teasing. For those on Macs, it's Option+'e', followed by 'i'. Or just hold down 'i' until the list of accented characters appears and click the one with the acute accent.
I am hoping to attend! Do you still need debaters?

Also Ghaoithe, what did you do to your avatar, and how?
04/12/2016 08:13 PMPosted by Arkturas
Also Ghaoithe, what did you do to your avatar, and how?

I submit a request through Cogshanks's.

The irony is that everyone can see it but me, apparently.
Today is the day of our first debate! For anyone interested, there's still plenty of room for debaters!
I'd love to offer myself as tribute, but I can't be 100% sure that I'll be able to be there. Either way, this looks like a fun event to attend! Maybe I should set up a popcorn stand for the spectators...
That is so cool. I hope you find people because I really wanna go watch. I don't think I'd be good at participating though.
An attempt was made. Was impressive turn out imo, and great up until the DDOS attack knocked all the debaters offline. Hopefully next time will go a little smoother.
Was rather fun until the DDoS. I'm always up for doing it again!
Updated information for our next Debate Series date has been posted - AND - just getting the word out early!

Great turnout last time,despite the DDoS attacks ending it early. >:( Looking forward to yet another fun, thought-provoking (and uninterrupted! :P) evening this time around!

See you there!
Tomorrow's the big day! We're looking forward to seeing you there—AND! For anyone interested in debating, there's ample room available!
Tonight's the night! The second session of the *NEW* Stormwind University Debate Series takes place TONIGHT at 6 PM Server time!

We'll be gathering at the Scarlet Enclave Ruins town hall building ((OOCly)) in Eastern Plaguelands. Summons will be made available upon request, prior to start time, for those who need one!

Topic of Debate: "Reflecting on the factions' long and complicated relationship, how should the Alliance and Horde interact in the future?"

See you there!
It's time! Hit us up for invites/summons!
Our next event is next week, and we're still looking for debaters! June 8th's topic of discussion is as follows:

"Reflecting on the factions' long and complicated relationship, how should the Alliance and Horde interact in the future?"

Hope to see you there!

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