It's just ALPHA

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It's just Alpha

It's just Beta

Oh it made it live.... -.-
We said the same about WoD too.
Don't worry, next patch they'll fix it. Just stick around until then.

Don't worry, they've learned from their mistakes, next expansion will be better. Just hang in there
I'm having trouble remembering a single design feature from WoD beta that didn't make it to live in some format, regardless of feedback. Unless it was something they cut entirely.

Encounter testing, class balance, yeah they take feedback into account. But once they've designed something, they stick with it hell or high water.
I'm looking forward to legion and rolling DH:) wardrobe too! I'd pay 40 now if unlocked the wardrobe now.
Blizzard would never ship WotLK with elemental shamans using the wrong coefficient for lava burst, crippling them for an entire raid tier.

Calm down, Cataclysm isn't going to launch with female worgen having same face syndrome. It's only beta.

Okay, well maybe they did that last time, but it was just because people complained about the alpha model! See what you get for complaining? But this time there's no way female pandaren are going to go live with only one face.

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