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Emerald Dream
What is the Gearworks Union?
The Gearworks Union is to support and provide (if needed) roleplay for Goblins through such things as:
- Bilgewater town hours.
- Small events between players and/or guilds. (Adventures, smuggling, trading, etc).
- Big events provided by Goblins for the community (Markets, brawls, races, etc).
- Help both IC and OOC for anyone that wants it.
- And much more!

Why not a guild?
Goblins are versatile, they come in different colors, sizes and they all have a different skill set. Some are better suited towards the life of a pirate, a mercenary or even a baker! Every goblin has the right to choose the life suited for their own but that doesn't mean they can't come back for an occasional meet amongst his or her own kind.

The goblin monthly-meet of Gearwork's Union, which will act like a goblin only horde'mar. During this important meeting, we discuss if any goblins have been wronged (not financially, goblins are to be able to take care of that themselves) and make quick work of those that were to punt or harm any goblin during an act of violence via a trial to ensure that justice is to be served.

New to Goblin Roleplay?
This'll also act as a help desk for those players that feel lost in which direction their Goblins could be taking or feel as if they could do with some tips on how to deal with certain situations. As a group of players dedicated to the Goblin roleplaying community we'll do the best we can do.

Guilds involved
N/A at the moment

Chat channels:
/join Goblinrp (Open to all)
/join Gearworks (Password protected, IC)

Helpful links:
http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/5723623840 - Goblin Roleplay
http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8229823047 - Technology
http://wow.gamepedia.com/Goblin - Goblins
http://wow.gamepedia.com/Undermine - Undermine
http://wow.gamepedia.com/Bilgewater_Cartel - Bilgewater Cartel
http://www.engadget.com/2010/12/12/know-your-lore-goblins-and-the-bilgewater-cartel/ - Bilgewater Cartel
http://wow.gamepedia.com/Steamwheedle_Cartel - Steamwheedle Cartel
Saved for events related to GU.
You got my vote. I've been working on doing a similar non-guild order with Harvest Witches, and I'm glad to see another multi-guild organization popping up.
I love it... I will be rolling a Goblin here soon and look forward to interacting with ya soon.
Like it, seems fun.

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