Baby Winston

Pet Battles
Looks like he's now available in North America, at least.

I'm going to take him to Pandaria and level him up up up.
hmm. /adds to things to do

I've been finishing up some alt projects but soon... back to pet battling!
Not seeing him yet - do we need to restart battlenet?
I did not receive mine either
I pre-ordered for the PS4 (since I have a Mac and can't play Overwatch on it), will I get all of those perks for other games when I actually get the physical copy?
Logging completely out and then logging back in seemed to do the trick
Thanks Blizzard, love the new pet!
/lays out bananananana traps
Woooo :)
says he got delivered to me but still greyed out and can't summon. logged out and completely restarted pc and still the same thing :/
Thank you thank you :-)

and same issue.
Delivery message. but greyed out and unusable
he just showed up in my bag...yay :-)
Same for me.... nice delivery lag. LOL
Got mine in bags as soon as I logged after reading this post.

Hes awesome, love the weapon animation!
very tempting to get -_-
How's Baby Winston as a battle pet? I just leveled mine to 25 and waiting to try it out.
but not for those with pre-orders at retail stores :(
Used him in the celestial tourney...pretty solid pet! :)
Wait what is this from? I pre ordered Legion but got nothing.

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