its been years please fix.

The drakuru quest in drak'tharon..... dude I have to walk way long enough to have a family by the time he and lk shut the hell up. please put in a way to just turn in that quest before dealing with that
There's nothing to "fix", though. It's a scripted event.
ther is no reason why you cant change the turn in from the scripted guy to the brazier you click.
Sorry, but the devs do not come to the CS forums for player feedback or suggestions. Maybe post in the quests forum.
If you feel that a change needs to be made to the current system, you are welcome to submit a suggestion to that effect.

However, the Support Forums are not a proper venue for suggestions or feedback, as the Support Forum Agents here are not liaisons to the Devs and the Devs do not come here for suggestions or feedback.


If you feel you have encountered a bug, then you need to either submit a Bug Report in-game or here via the Forums.


If you are having an issue with a quest, then I would suggest perusing for more information. Alternatively, you can also ask in the Quests forum.


Also, cursing (masked or otherwise) is not allowed on the Forums. Please familiarize yourself with the Forums Code of Conduct.
While annoying, something like this is very low priority. I think their resources are better spent on current content, and the upcoming expansion.
04/19/2016 06:42 PMPosted by Aggravationn
ther is no reason why you cant change the turn in from the scripted guy to the brazier you click.

If you are looking for a change to how the game works you will want to submit a suggestion as the others have mentioned. I would encourage you not to use the term "Fix" as the quest is not broken, but provide feedback on what options you'd like to see available for the quest.

Good luck.


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also what you can do is start the rp and port out then back in to turn in the other 2 quests then head back up there by the time you run back up to the top rp is done and you just turn in the quest. then get straight back to leveling

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