Battle Pet Tamers: Warlords

Bug Report
the quest is bugged... it keeps reseting itself... fix it up god damn it!!!
More information would be excellent.

At what point is it resetting itself?:

Are you switching alts while the quest is in progress?
Are you starting it, then exiting the game and coming back later the same day to finish? Or exiting and trying to finish the next day?
Did you have last weeks partially completed quest still in your quest log when Tuesday rolled around and weekly quests reset?
Did you switch between factions while completing the objectives?

Any other information that might be helpful? For example, Garrison level and Garrison pet arena level?

I know some people like to take advantage of the XP by having some various lower level alts do the battles. Personally, I always do them on the same day/same alt and have never had this problem. I suspect it's linked to switching between alts and factions.

The MoP pet battle quests were also known to bug out if you picked them up on an alt, then tried to complete them on other alts.
This is bugged for me right now. The quest is marked as "Account", as expected, but my characters have varying levels of completion (1/5 through 4/5 tamers defeated).

I generally get this one done over the space of a week by defeating Kura in my garrison, which means that it's not always the same character.

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