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Kirin Tor, Sentinels, and Steamwheedle Cartel
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We need to get my boy Siku his moose.
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I miss Manny's "Pains of a small guild on a small server" thread from the old SWC forums. Really mad that they didn't archive it.

I posted like 20 different times in that thread about pizza.

lol... love it.
Tacos > pizza.

First I must say that this post along with the responses was somewhat a breath of fresh air for me. I've been recruiting for <Dies Irae> for almost two weeks now and i haven't had a whole lot of luck finding people for our 20 mans. It's great to see the server have more life in it that I originally had thought.
Our guild has a group of 15 veteran players as of now (about 20 or so social active members as well) and everyone here is very excited and eager to tackle the Legion raids. Someone earlier mentioned giving a little bio on guilds so I saw a great opportunity to let our server know about <Dies Irae> (Day of Wrath)

* the overall type of guild,
Our main goal is raiding. We have many players that have different play style outside of raiding. I don't think there's a single goal you could try to achieve without finding someone who would want to do it with you in our guild or help you. We truly are a very well rounded group.

* activity level,
The majority of our members are online from 7-12 server time. We're always on Curse and guild chat is always active with conversation

* what content the guild does on a regular basis,
Myself and a few others are also dedicated pvpers but most in our guild enjoy PvP as something to hang out and have fun with

* what type of help does the guild need and what type of help the guild can offer others,
All we need is a few more players that can raid on Tuesday nights and Sunday nights to wrap up our 20 man group. If you would like to apply visit
You can also message Toates, Esa, Thelynn at anytime with questions or concerns. We would love to help answer them with you

* list of likely times on and what days people would like to try and group up,
For raids it will be Tuesday and Thursday. But our calendar is full of fun events for all players. We have dungeons races, battle pets, guild achievement runs, you name it we do it.
* do you play on both sides,
As a guild? Not currently. But I think we all have characters on horde on different servers. But all of our mains and time are focused here

* also anything else people might want others to know about the guild.
Most of us have played together and raided together since BC. We are former members of <Full Circle> (Sentinels) <The League>(Sentinels) and <Tenfold> (Kirin Tor)
Also would like to say it is nice to know there will be some competition! Well <Symbiosis> get ready...we're going to give you a run for your money, I gaurentee it ;)
I raided on a different server for WoD, and want to do at least some heroic level raiding during Legion. But I don't want to leave an RP guild to do so. RP is still the priority for me, and given the cross-server raid system I've been able to find persistent groups without needing a guild. It's harder to do that sort of thing for RP. There are a couple people in my guild who feel the same, and they're decent raiders who went 13/13 H with me. (We never had numbers to step into Mythic.)

Sentinels has been my home for years, though, and the more I can do here, the happier I am. A situation where I could raid without having to /gquit would be ideal.
Once upon a time, there was a SWC community RP message board for RP art, stories, open RP event planning, and so forth.

If there is any interest, I would be happy to start one of those again (or talk to Spennig the admin of the old SWC RP message board/archive and see if it is still up and running).

I also used to plan and run Alliance and cross-faction open RP events - again, any interest?
Also would like to say it is nice to know there will be some competition! Well <Symbiosis> get ready...we're going to give you a run for your money, I gaurentee it ;)

Raiding a new Xpac is a lot more fun when you see how you stack up against the rest of the guilds out there.

Good luck all.
Posting to update: I finally got my Shadowmourne, no thanks to Pantheon.

Also, you are indeed Satan the devil himself if you eat Hawaiian pizza.
Legions seems to improved our server population a bit, we will see how long it last, we are still very fragmented though, but such is to be expected early on.
Anyone still paying attention to this thread?
10/28/2016 04:37 PMPosted by Silerian
Anyone still paying attention to this thread?

Hi Silerian, I monitor the forums
Glad to hear :)

Want to see if i can re ignite the discussion about guilds working together to get some raiding done.
10/28/2016 07:11 PMPosted by Silerian
Glad to hear :)

Want to see if i can re ignite the discussion about guilds working together to get some raiding done.

Hi Silerian, I am going to reach out to your guild right now. Did you want to come online and message me? I will be on for a bit.
This sounds like a good idea and a good way for the guilds to fill the spots in their raid rosters. Would be a chance to do other things together too, Dungeons, quests etc. We have Discord and a chat channel set up if your guild would be interested send me a message in game.

Mercykillerr, Mandrill, Thillin, Sildyan are the toons I am on 90% of the time.

Hope to hear from you.

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