WTS Glory of the Draenor Raider 6/4 & Mythic

We will be selling glory of the draenor raider for the gorestrider gronnling on saturday, 6/4 for 175k. If you are interested, please add bgodbgg#1882. We will be selling the Glory of the Hellfire Raider on 6/11


Everything else; Tuesday at 8:30 pm Eastern (6:30 pm server time)

13/13M w/ Loot 1.6mil
11/13M w/ Loot 800k
Mythic Blackhand w/ Mount 300k
Archimonde w/ Mount 1.5mil
13/13M w/ Loot + Mount 2.6mil
all prices are in kel'thuzad gold, +15% is added for other servers gold

Payment for the run takes place beforehand. 20% deposit required to secure your spot. We clear as much of the trash as possible before you get in the raid to expedite the entire process.

Our logs are public and accessible by anyone. We stream!

It should also be noted that we do personal loot Heroic Archimonde Sales frequently (for the Grove Warden/Moose mount, AOTC, legendary ring upgrades, etc.). Please add Caiss for any queries: caisa#1820

Here's an example log:


Send all concerns, questions, or orders to bgodbgg#1882 or Caiss#11214

A final note (This is the last note, I promise!): We sell Mythic Blackhand Mounts (Ironhoof Destroyer) for 300k on Wednesdays at 8:30 EST and 10/10M BRF for 100k. If we ever have 3 or more buyers for full run, we'll do it since it takes an hour.

Please leave feedback in this thread! We love to hear back from our customers! We pride ourselves in being very friendly and professional. We truly care about our customers and we want you to have as enjoyable of an experience as possible. As such, if you have any concerns, criticisms, or legitimate suggestions on how we can improve our service, I implore you to let us know!
fantastic runs 100% trustworthy and will be using again thank you !
Solid, fast, would recommend to anyone! Hopefully use them again for another service!
Very good group. I was a little skeptical paying a bank toon before the summons, but it was solid.
I'll buy a 10/10 Mythic BrF Clear
Just ran with this crew for AotC, moose, and personal loot. Super friendly, professional, and crushed it! Totally worth it! Thank you Celestials!!
Archimonde died faster on Heroic than with a good LFR group! Great run, i had no idea what to do on normal, let alone H but it didn't matter they smoked him! I wouldn't hesitate to buy something else if i had the gold haha! Thanks guys!!
I am very interested in a 10/10M BRF clear. Contact me at Will#1551
Great group! Friendly and professional. Will use them again in the future!
Friendly group that gave clear instructions on what I should do before they pulled. I am very satisfied with my Heroic Archi kill!
Bgod, electricity is off, will join as soon as possible. Redd
Still out.

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