<FdY> 13/13M Recruiting for Legion

Lightninghoof, Maelstrom, and The Venture Co
-Famiglia di Ythrl runs Sun/Mon/Thu 8pm-11pm server (CST)
-Recruiting any non-leather DPS or Healers for Legion progression
-Contact Trollbrudda (Jonny#1378), Jotun (SilenceCalls#1807), Clommo (CLAMBO#1685), Kaynub (kaynub#1751), or Surprises (Surprises#1757) in-game for more info
-Please have combat logs!

Progression history
T18 - 13/13M
T17 - 9/10M 7/7M
T16 - 14/14H (Top 200 US)
T15 - 13/13H
T14 - 6/6H 4/6H 3/4H

Guild history and other fluff no one actually reads will be posted at a later date.
Btw, grats, guys!!
04/28/2016 07:16 AMPosted by Primrose

I almost forgot that I loved you, Prim.
We should get merged with that other RP-PVP server cluster that sucks even harder then we do cuz jesus this server group's bad.
Still recruiting for Legion, looking at you Fail Squad
Someone take my spot.

I'm quitting either way, but I'll feel less bad if you replace me.
We could really use some healers. Right now we're looking at rolling into Legion with 2 priests and a mistweaver, so a holy paladin or resto shaman would be swell.

DPS wise we're full on Demon Hunters, but everything else is fair game.
06/06/2016 10:57 PMPosted by Reprises
DPS wise we're full on Demon Hunters, but everything else is fair game.

What he means is 'Sinscythen I swear to !@#$ing god don't re-roll into Demon Hunter' But it's too late.
Too bad you're horde lol :D
"Lowering the dignity of other guilds since 2006."
I would be interested in joining, commenting here because I'm at work. I will send you guys a message when I get home this afternoon.
hi guys we're still recruiting. I think we're pretty solid on healers and cloth/leather dps but hey it doesn't really matter what you play as long as you're a cool person.

e: lmao at the person that downvoted every post in this thread by a FdY member. What's it like drowning in salt?
am i cool enough to raid with you guise?? d8-----)
This guild is terrible and everyone in it is terrible, which should make the rest of this terrible server group feel even more terrible. LFM terrible people PST.
Prior comment applies especially to me, I'm basically the most terrible of all.
yeah ok nerd

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