Your boss battle music.

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05/09/2016 09:46 PMPosted by Grimgør
Nightwish - 7 Days to the Wolves

Freaking yes! I love Nightwish.
Metallica - Through The Never

Of course, I'd tweak it so it's Through The Nether.
Death Grips

Can I be Inanimate Sensation with some dumb single fight gimmick?
Patiently awaits the mention of Dio - A Rainbow in the dark
05/09/2016 09:52 PMPosted by Heartx
Patiently awaits the mention of Dio - A Rainbow in the dark

Killing the Dragon actually does sound like it could work as fight music in WoW honestly.
This too
This song is just too epic and when I did lichking the first time I was playing this and it made the fight 100x more epic.

I find it fits pretty well.
The Black Mages - Battle Theme (Final Fantasy VI)
Percival - Lazare
Dark souls 3- Main theme intro

The moment you step foot into my room the music starts, I can be seen overlooking a Destroyed Orgrimmar that is slowly crumbling and turning into ash.

as the 40second mark begins to approach I walk toward my rusted sword on the ground and as song as the song hits the 40 second mark the Boss battle begins with me charging at the raid.
"Calling that Detestable Name" ~ Etrian Odyssey III
Edvard Grieg, In the Hall of the Mountain King.

I have captured all of the Gnomes of Azeroth and mutated them into tiny vicious killing machines.

I stand on a platform cackling away while throwing great balls of fire upon the raid, while this is happening a constant stream of mutated Gnomes relentlessly attack.

Each Gnome carries explosives and must be killed before detonating, detonating causes massive raid wide damage. As time goes on more and more Gnomes assault the raid, not just a few, but 100's from all directions.

If you can survive the onslaught (and it will be add intensive, mark my words) I end up tripping over my robe and falling to my death as I always forget to use Slowfall and Iceblock in such situations.

One can dream I suppose.
Any of the boss fight music from Dark Souls 3. The music there is amazing.
I want this to be my boss fight music.

!@#$ing Grand Cross by the Black Mages. FFIX ftw

Complete with a voiced over

"You stand before the final dimension, and I am the darkness of eternity..."
Mi existence is a joke, so a whacky theme would do, like any boss fight music from the Mario & Luigi games.
"Crazy Kings ~ Ristar - The Shooting Star" :D
Metal Gear Solid OST: Encounter
Chrono Cross - Dragon God

The CC soundtrack is absolutely top-notch, and this is an amazing track.

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