Dear Blizzard, please give us a Cow mount.

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You will NOT have sexual relations with that tauren!
05/06/2016 11:34 AMPosted by Meldren
You will NOT have sexual relations with that tauren!

You're not my real dad! I'm a grown up moo moo and I will do as I please ;~;
You do get to literally mount Malfurion in Val'sharah if that counts ;)
But cows move so slow, do you really want a slow moving, slow eating cud, bell dinging moomoomount?

Come to think of it, this would make the BEST mount train in Dalaran.
All those cows, slowly walking, and hundreds of bells dinging. ROFL.

04/27/2016 08:17 AMPosted by Snipeology
I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd LOVE a Cow mount! We have almost everything as a mount, and I think a Cow would be amazing.

Me and a couple of friends were chatting about this on Teamspeak the other day.

04/29/2016 12:31 PMPosted by Elylvannia
And a Hydra mount! We can tame them now, we deserve to have a full family of Hydras

Nope, no hydra. Avengers downed all of them.


04/28/2016 01:59 PMPosted by Lurgrot
Cow hunter pet too please, so we can have the whole package.

Can't tell you how disappointed I was when I rolled my hunter back in the day and was looking for a unique and interesting pet to tame. I was flying through Elwynn, and I saw a cow below me...I thought "I've never seen anyone with a cow before, this will be interesting the next time I pop into a dungeon." Needless to say, upon my descent and clicking on that "tame beast” icon, I was sorely disappointed.

Cow pets, cow mounts, cow battle pets, and cow toys, for cowtopia!

Honestly though, on the ground, this has to be the most unassuming cow you've ever seen, but when it takes flight, it needs to undergo some kind of impressive transformation into something like this:
If they do, they're just gonna price it at 2 million gold like the stupid spider everyone's been begging for.

That's Blizz. When you finally get what you're asking for, it's a slap in the face, after years of waiting.
04/27/2016 08:24 AMPosted by Hambamshock
Why would we put your mom in the game?

I came here expecting this joke. Not disapointed.
04/27/2016 10:05 AMPosted by Wingates
Worgans riding wolfs.

Same logic should apply to the rest of the races.

Draenei ride goats.

Agreed. Night Elves riding FemBElves would be excellent. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
No way you will make a mount out of this bull

This is so insensitive! #taurenlivesmatter
04/28/2016 08:06 AMPosted by Snipeology
04/28/2016 07:39 AMPosted by Outtopasture

And so it will come to pass. You may join us in the land of cool drinks, smoked meats and .......


We all need to hang out real soon.

I can foresee many milkings out of you guys, and gals.

I don't know what to make of this

They have tested out cow mounts back in the end of august 2012 and I can't believe I still had this screen shot back then.

Blizz removed it shortly because it have taurens too much of a god complex man-handling other players.

....well not really, that was shortly after travel form where you can let someone ride you was just released and as right after the server came back up from patching it was buggy so we had fun with it.

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