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Hey guys/gals:

I'm a newbie and this is my first forum post. (Be gentle.)

I recently was a Level 20 Pandaren Hunter (Beast Mastery) using the free Starter Pack.

After maxing out my gold and stuff, I figured I would buy the game and boost myself to 100.

Now, I know I should have leveled up to 60 first (which I didn't know) but here I am.

I am now a Level 100 Pandaren Hunter (Beast Mastery)

How do I set up my action bar with as little "binding" (just learned about that) as possible?

I think I have some buttons missing from my original action bar, and have no CLUE what most of these are, which I am still learning.

Any help would be appreciated.

*friendly hugs and growls*
The default User Interface gives you one action bar with 12 buttons bound to keys 1 through 0 as well as - and = on your keyboard. Going into interface options, you can enable more actions bars to be displayed, but they will not have any keyboard keys bound to them unless you do that yourself. To do that you go into your menu>key bindings>action bars then just click to select which button you want bound from the list they provide and then press the key you want it bound to. I would suggest keeping an eye on the bottom of the keybind page, because it will give you a message saying either that your key was bound successfully or a warning that making this new binding will undo one already in place. You have to hit the Okay button when closing to save any changes you made.

Once you have all the action bars you want set up, simply open your spell book (default keybind for it is 'p' or it is the little brown book on your micro menu bar) then just find the spell you want, click and drag it out of the book page and drop it onto your action bar. Just put the spells in whatever location is most comfortable for you to reach. For example, I am right handed and use my mouse with my right for movement and targeting, so I tend to keep the keys I use most often on the far left of my keyboard to easily reach them with my left hand. It will probably take some experimenting and trial and error for you to find something that works for you.

On a related note, your pet's action bar works the exact same as yours as far as dragging spells out of the spell book (pet tab) and dropping them onto the bar. However, there are no key binds because your pet is scripted to automatically cast all of its spells, with the exception of big cooldowns like Heart of the Phoenix and Last Stand. It is important to note that you can also turn off this autocast (which you should for Growl when running in a group with a designated tank) simply by right-clicking the spell in either the book or action bar. If any ability is highlighted yellow then autocast is toggled on; if it is not highlighted yellow, then autocast is off.

That is about all the advice I can give you, through the use of several addons and a multi-button mouse my UI looks almost nothing like the default Blizzard one, so I can't really help with the finer points of where to put what. Hope this helps, and welcome to WoW!
Keybindings are mostly all personal preference. Do you play WASD or ESDF? The first thing I recommend you do is unbind keyboard turning and decide if Your playing w/ W as a forward key if you want A + D to be your strafe keys or Q + E as your strafe keys. Or if you're playing ESDF w/e E as a forward key and if you want S + F as strafe keys or W + R as strafe keys.

I personally use for movement WASD w/ A + D as strafe and S as disengage.

Keybindings are also mostly subjective but make sure you have keybindings for:

Kill Command
Steady Shot
Arcane Shot
Multi-Shot -- Note that each Multi-Shot cast puts a buff on your pet for 4s that makes it do damage to multiple targets for the duration of the buff (4s max duration, can be refreshed)
Focus Fire
Bestial Wrath
Dire Beast -- If Talented
Level 90 Talent -- For this I recommend making a macro
    /cast Heavy Artilery
Feign Death
Dismiss Pet
Summon Pet # X (your favorite pet)
Mend Pet
Traps -- freezing,frost,explosive
Trap Launcher

I'm pretty sure that covers all the important ones

You may want keybindings for Tame Beast and your favorite Mount as Well.

If I missed anything I'm sure somebody will post below, play around with your keybindings and find out what feels comfortable, I recommend keeping DPS abilities key bound around your movement keys, preferably never past 6 if using WASD. Some people really like walking their hands across the universe and having DPS abilities on 7-0 but that often means taking your hand away from your movement keys or taking your other hand off your mouse and playing WoW like a Piano. With keyboard turning unbound make sure to use what ever keys those were previously and you can also be making use of the keys of the left half of your keyboard Z X C V F R G etc, and move your character panel keybinding to somewhere on the right of the keyboard.
Welcome to the game.

First off, what hardware do you have?
Do you have a basic 2 button + wheel mouse or a multi-button gaming mouse or even something in the middle?
Do you have a keyboard with a numpad? How about a gaming keyboard or a gaming pad?

I have no screen shots of how I set my bars up before I got my mouse but at one time I used only keyboard w/ numpad. This gave me use of WASD and my finger could reach the 5 key. My right hand would be on the pad which had most of my rotational abilities (longer CDs were on 1-5). However, this removed my ability to use the mouse.

If I remember when I log on later tonight I can post a screenshot of how I have my bars set up (I use the Bartender addon). I use a Logitech G600 mouse which has 12 side buttons, a wheel that clicks left and right, and also a 3rd finger shift key.

Basically, you want to research the spec and place the most frequently used abilities in the easiest to reach places for less fatigue when playing. It really comes down to your hardware, hand size, and comfort when it comes to keybinds.

My advice would be to get an MMO gaming mouse and install some UI addons (especially one that allows you to modify action bars) since these will make playing much easier and allow you to really customize the game to your liking.
Some addons help with this. for example

I recommend downloading "Curse client" to assist your experience as a player

There are some pretty neat addons!

Thank you all for your responses! They really did help me out a lot!

I've steadily improved as a player and I'm now in the process of learning my Garrison's abilities and "how to's."

My action bars are all set up the way it feels comfy. But, I've probably missed some great tips.

These are really great!

p.S. I would post a screenshot, but not sure how. *giggles*

For the Alliance!

Once you got the interface set up you can start exploring macros. With macros you can streamline a lot of abilities into one button. It may seem intimidating at first, but is neces for high level raiding and pvp.

If you get really fancy you can slip in toys or remotes into the mix. Check the site above for primers on building macros specifically for Hunters.


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