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04/26/2016 11:07 AMPosted by Megas
I mained a DK in WoLK, The problem I had with DK, was 'Oh, I really want to do this!...but having that rune on cooldown. For some reason, it was much more aggravating than just having a skill on cooldown.

Mashing buttons on DK and winning is completely viable, but really playing the class well is a bit of a rubics cube in terms of rune management. That can be fun, but it can also be a real pain in the butt if you need something now you don't have.

There is a rhythm you can get into with most classes, I always found DK to be one of the clunkiest classes in that regard. The timing of when those runes come off cooldown, and when you want to use your skills is kind of hair pulling, at least it was for me.

Having played Palie, Warrior, Druid, and DK, if I was going to make a "tank", I'd just go warrior and be done with it. If you want to DPS, you're much better of with a druid :P Being able to be tank, ranged, melee, or heals on one class >>>>>>>>>>>> everything else in WoW.

This message brought to you by the society for druid advancement.

Hm, I felt that way about the ret pally in cata..... sort of clunky like a sports car with square wheels. Liked my DK though.... went blood and frost and froze xp at 80 so I could run all the wrath dungeons for a couple of weeks with a friend.... we both had blood and frost and we would tank in dps gear . had a blast switching back and forth between tanking and dpsing with her.... sometimes we double tanked. People were amused by our antics but usually stuck with us for several dungeons since we made short work of them and never wiped.
Skill cap for a Frost DK is: Blind, paraplegic chimpanzee with no ears and no sense of what a video game is and yet they seem to reach 2400 with a headbash to the keyboard and talk trash like they are playing a skill based class.

UH I feel takes some common sense and the ability to monitor and control your runes and runic power.
DKs for me peaked around Cata - I was all about blood PVP, but PVP in general was pretty awesome around that time, at least from what I remember in my experience.

DKs now feel sort of neutered. Still, compared to the pruning that has gone on lately (like frost mage which I mained for a while), DKs still have a somewhat nice spell rotation.
I've always enjoyed dual wielding on a frost DK. I love the fast play style.
04/26/2016 10:32 AMPosted by Matuszak
Death Knights make me moist.

I like this person.
Not one play Unholy of ROFL get out.

04/27/2016 02:45 AMPosted by Auron
Not one play Unholy of ROFL get out.


I play unholy, it's my favorite spec.
There's a few classes I still haven't leveled to max (for the expansion I was playing at the time). DK is one of them. I just can't seem to get into them.

I've also never leveled a warrior, monk, hunter, rogue or warlock to max level.

I might give DK another shot. See if I can get one past 70. I really enjoy their starter area. After that I've always gotten pretty bored with them.

I'm glad OP made this thread. It's made me consider playing a DK again.
I'm trying to decide between leveling a Ret pally and an Enhance shaman atm myself

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