Lightning's Blade old timers <3

Burning Blade, Lightning's Blade, and Onyxia
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I miss TheGoddess :(
08/04/2018 07:14 PMPosted by Foxsc
Does anyone

lol ya
11/18/2017 02:07 AMPosted by Orion
WTB lightning's blade classic. AFGM 4 life

sup man. AFGM/Aftermath !
08/20/2018 12:40 PMPosted by Ringmaster
<span class="truncated">...</span>I need you as bait.

You guys still have that old website with the death screenshots and smacktalk? I miss that kinda stuff so much.

Tried to get it back and with some videos but no success...will have to do new ones :)

Good to see everyone is doing well!!!

Miss my old DH club
07/20/2018 06:16 PMPosted by Yogzula
07/16/2018 07:02 AMPosted by Hotwired

LOL! Welcome back Yogz. You playing BFA? Already ordered mine 8)

world PvP in BFA looks promising. might have to have a reunion with zya and zyk

Red = Dead
Yep, Red is Dead, don't be a pleb.

oh and mia, I hope you didn't make catastrophic mistake in picking the wrong fraction. Wouldn't want to turn you into my jookyz/amywinehouse 2.0 ♥
07/07/2018 07:53 PMPosted by Inlor
08/07/2017 10:56 AMPosted by Singularr
Catastrophe from <Untamed> checking in.

Been a long time since I've gave WoW a try but I wanted to see if any old UT people were around.

Updating my post. My old alt became my new main! I've enjoyed Legion.

If any LB'ers want to play in BFA, give me a shout.

I ran into Reckless playing Overwatch. He was one of the first buds I made in vanilla in Killing um all. We got to GM and top 500 together, the boy still got it
03/26/2017 12:32 AMPosted by Mia
09/01/2016 12:50 WTB zyk/zya(mia/wia)

Red=Dead, its the law.



Btw, Im still playing my spriest on vanilla server (ELYSIUM PvP, Niv)
Im ganking every red !@#$ I see ofc :)

God you were annoying at elemental plateau
Hi eveyone, This is Huntershadow, former member of Demonhunters, alongside Blackshadow and our 2 other irl friends, we came back to play this expansion.

Hope to see you all around soon!
Holy cow I remember so many of your names and guilds....

My older cousin was in Timeless and Aftermath and got me into WoW... I remember Timeless doing MC and Ony and was like woah.. This is awesome... It's like Morrowind online.

I played a UD rogue in the Guild Arcanix or something like that..

When did Lightning's Blade change to PVE?

Anyone heard from Aedak? Love his old vids..

*Edit* Also I miss guild feuds.... I remember a guild Whiskey Bent or something like that was KoS for us no matter the cost...
Just checking to see who's still alive :)

I speak to Aedak and he's on my blizz friend's's really weird that I keep running into the guy in like every video game I play...Warcraft 3 (I think he was AtheistMonk), SC2, Overwatch, WoW...I should tell him to post on here and say hi :D

Tarshie still plays a little bit, I should get him to come say hi too!

anyway, where's Teep? :(

*Edit* Also I miss guild feuds.... I remember a guild Whiskey Bent or something like that was KoS for us no matter the cost...

Whiskey Bent Outlaws? They were ruthless in blackrock mountain...One of the guilds that provided me bodyguard service when folks found out I was not a girl! /catfished
I'd also like to point out to Marello you were the reason i made a rogue lol...

I'm related to Vathram and when i was around 13 or 14(?) he showed me
Timeless's recruitment video... Was like damn, that dudes character is badass..
Wow. This is a thread that exists.

<--- Zairn. After 10 years I decided to sometimes play a Death Knight. Mostly I just stand around AFK. Not much has changed.

Remember C'Thun? That was fun.

Remember Loatheb? That wasn't fun. Sometimes people struggled to drink shadow protection pots.

If I see Bird post in here I might actually lose my !@#$.

Later folks!
Still here, still pushing raid content, 14 years later.

I surprised myself with how much fun I found the Classic Demo to be. Anyone planning to relive the Good 'Ol Days?
Be farmin dailies, Mia and company dropping in to dumpster you. I miss the old pvp =(

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