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This Is For The Players Who Want To Raid But Cant Because Reasons

If you are someone who wants to try this raiding thing but gets turned off by the vocal minority of Raiders in this game, then this thread is for you.

If you are someone who just wants to raid in a low-pressure group that cares more about killing bosses and having a good time, then this thread is for you.

If you are someone who wants to LEARN to raid without being berated for low dps, low awareness, etc., then this thread is for you.

If you have Autism or any other disability that would keep you out of PuGs in LFG do not be afraid of joining this group.

I'm diagnosed with Developmental Dyspraxia and other developmental disabilities and a panic disorder and I'm not ashamed of who I am. I have difficulties others take very light, especially when it comes to learning new things. I know for a fact, everyone learns differently. Every group I lead is different. I don't lead carry runs, I can't promise kills but what I can promise is you will experience a judgement-free raiding environment and you will learn how to do many things in Raids. I'm not perfect at how to lead but I do my best at helping people overcome barriers.

This is for beginners, players with disabilities, and anyone else who wants to help people get into raiding and move past LFR.

How to Sign up

Join the Community I started in WoW, via the Community Feature: Community (Cross Realm/Cross Faction Group:

Alliance Learn2raid Community:

Horde Learn2raid Community:

Community Video Guides for Learn2Raid (Legion only)

Emerald Nightmare Guide:

Trial of Valor Guide:

Nighthold Guide:

Tomb of Sargeras:
A really great non threatening place to learn the mechanics of the raid. A great place to learn, I am so glad I learned about this. Everyone who wants to learn raiding should join. Great, patient teachers!
Thank you Meira and all of the Openraid leaders for giving people like me a chance to raid.
I want to +1 this more. I did something similar to this for over a month on Earthen Ring until personal issues led me to stop. I will be restarting it in Legion. This is how you rebuild the community!
I've raided with Meira many times. Top notch player, and a great playing environment. Kudos!
Been raiding with this raid team for a very long time now. It is a very welcoming and nice group of people to play along side with. I was once very timid to raid due to the pressures that I hear sometimes come out of raiding or just the fact I was never given a chance to attempt it. However, I found this group where no such pressures exist and everyone's very welcoming. Afterall we're all here to learn and progress but most importantly as Meira puts it, ENJOY THE GAME!! So dont hesistate and join up!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
I join Meira whenever my time allows me to. Its a great run to join. Gear gets passed out, people enjoy themselves and those who are not familiar with the raid(s), or just dont have time, can now enjoy a good run even if for a few hours. Open Raid has done great things for the community and will continue to do so and its Leaders like Meira that allow it to happen.
Demtrok / Laggosi / Keosi
Bump for great justice! Very friendly and relaxed raid.
It has been my honor and pleasure to raid with Meira nee Mordecai many times in the past on several of my characters. He is the most patient, most pleasant, and among the most knowledgeable people you would want to have leading a raid. He believes what he says: that anyone can learn to negotiate this elitist activity called raiding. Giving players this chance is his passion; and, I sometimes think if he could work a way to do that for a living he would. );-9
I ran SoO during MoP with Meria (Mordecai) and enjoyed it greatly. One day when I have time again (Grad school is consuming all of it atm) I hope to resume raiding.

Thanks for all you do for the community.
thanks guys
Hey Mord! *waves* Now I know your Alliance toon....

You might also want to let folks know about Screaming Bees who do a similar learning run lead by Opals that is listed on I ran with them a few times as well.

I can attest to Mordecai's Horde runs being fun and a place highly intolerant of general douchebaggery as I've tagged along to help out. So bump for great justice and all that.
+1 to a Dwarf? Now I feel dirty.

Honestly, it's a great thing you're doing for the community. Kudos.

Good luck and good hunting,
Can vouch for him and his raids.

Did a couple with him some time ago, and it was relaxed, even-paced and a great place to learn. He won't yell or chew you out for making mistakes. He's also pretty friendly, as I've had him as a b-tag friend for some time. Great guy to talk to.

+1 from me.
Good time with Mord. =) starting up now!!! Whisper Mordecaí-eitrigg (horde) for an invite!
Once upon a time I went to some of these runs ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
04/30/2016 09:12 AMPosted by Gabbie
Once upon a time I went to some of these runs ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Yes you did, you should come again sometime. Do you only play alliance though?
04/30/2016 09:13 AMPosted by Meirâ
Do you only play alliance though?
Raiding is the only good part of wod... (besides finally having enough gold for a magic rooster egg) ...

Cudos for trying to get more people in

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