Does anyone still play on Muradin?

Muradin and Nordrassil
I just came back to wow, have been playing about 2 weeks, and i have only seen 2 players in world, and have only seen 2 or maybe 3 people in chat, and that includes trade chat.

Used to be a very busy place, am i missing something?
A lot of players are just sitting in their garrisons, that is why most big cities feel empty at times. It's also late in the expansion; not much to do. However, during the evenings/weekends you will see a lot of players in the major towns.

Once the Legion pre-patch hits expect the realm to be much more populated. I have several friends that will be back for the pre-patch & Legion.
I will see a few people, mostly in dalaran, during weekend primetime
But only a few, and most dont talk, even trade chat is quiet except for the occasional troll, and trade chat connects to garrison.

Garrison is boring, i send the minions out to quest and leave, they never bring me back anything anyways
I haven't seen Muradin be busy since the end of cata for alliance and end of wrath for horde.

Guess it depends on definition of busy :)
I think it all depends on perspective. Wow population data puts Alliance side Muradin/Nordrassil as near the top of the pack in total population.
There is a noticeable difference in Horde population though. Sorry Horde.

Overall, after the Cataclysm, Muradin saw the departure of many players, but many other servers suffered the same fate. Mannoroth for instance was flourishing in it's heyday and is empty as hell now for example.

During the end of xpac doldrums that we are just beginning to leave behind at this point, most of the still subscribing player base moved to pastures more populated. However, with the drop of the xpac, some of those players will return to the home servers and leave the infinite login queues behind. (Try logging into Wyrmrest Accord for instance on launch day and be sure to bring snacks... you'll need them)

I am fairly new to Muradin myself. Seeing the potential on this server, I think it's a great place to put down roots. A group of like-minded players could make this server thrive.

If you'd like to talk in greater detail, hit me up at Lypro#1265

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