Guilds of Lightninghoof, Maelstrom, VeCo

Lightninghoof, Maelstrom, and The Venture Co
I just went through and checked that all of the guilds still existed and were showing signs of life. Made a few typo corrects, and moved a guild from alliance to horde. If you would like to have your guild added, or if you think there is a mistake, let me know.
Kul Tiras Marines

Military RP/PvP-focused with some light PvE
added. Thank you!!
Lightninghoof - Horde

PVP- +
PVE- +++

We are a casual raiding guild, riding on Thursdays and will eventually add a second day. We are old vanilla players that are a bit older and function on IRL comes first.
Demonic added. Thank you!
[H]<Gladius Animus>

In VeCo since BC, we mostly PVE with some PVP on the side. Causual raiding guild, currently 3/10H, in the process of rebuilding roster. We raid Friday and Saturday 9pm-11pm server time, with eventually more time added in the future. Thanks!
Added. thank you!
I'm not sure if you still update this or not (I appreciate that it's here all!), but could you update Cadia for Alliance please?

We're a Mythic Raiding guild that raids from 1:30 PM ST to 5:30 PM ST on Saturday and Sunday with Heroic on Friday at 8PM ST.
Contacts : Arkeus (GM), Reead and Ashkev (Officers).

We're just short on warm bodies surviving on a very cold server that we don't want to leave if we don't have to. Come kill bosses with us.
On Alliance side, you should probably remove Kul Tiras Marines as they moved to Emerald Dream. Dragon Moon Clan and Nova don't seem to be active here any more either.

Blitzkrieg Corps seems to be active Alliance side.

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