Old School Legendary Players of Darrowmere

Darrowmere and Windrunner
Hey Guys! Been a long time!

Shoutout to:

Merytneith - Damn right you're number one on my list!

These are the first names that come to mind. Sorry if I missed anyone.

Sucks that this forum is now merged with another and our threads are gone. I miss the good old times we had! I used to come back and read the comments every few months and get excited if there was a new thread with our names in it. I will at some point find another similar game where I can dedicate myself to PvP and pwning noobs the way I used to.

Best place to keep up with me would be on YouTube I have a channel. Perhaps we can all stick together and communicate on there because my WoW account isn't activated to be posting on here regularly. Would be nice if we all play some games together in the future!

YouTube channel: WildcasterTV

I've got some big plans for the channel. Stay tuned and subscribe so we can all stay in touch!

Miss you all and thank you for all the good times we had!
Oh my gosh! Hello! It has been such a long time, hasn't it? Those were the good old days. You and Varna definitely had a way of pissing people off in PvP, that is for sure! You guys made things fun! It is nice seeing you around again, and I will make sure to sub to your channel. Take care!
El oh el

So nice to hear from you!
4th?? You listed my name FOURTH?

Shoulda been 1st man..

I'm disappointed.
Sometimes I forget that I played as Sinobia during my time as alliance, ha.

Myntala should've been last, for sure ;D
Playing on Darrowmere back then was some of the best times I've ever had playing WoW. I miss that crappy little server and all the fun we used to have in world PvP haha
Well, well... can't believe there is a post right here on the first page with all of you guys in it. After all, its only been like 8 yrs.

Kasandra- <3 4ever.. dont know why your priest is showing as undead though :)
Wildcaster & Sinobia - had some great times teaming with these guys in Nagrand
Meryt - the only horde that registered as green on my screen ( except for that first time)
Gankone and Etherimp - HATED them.. ok maybe not Gankone but Etherimp, burn in HELL!
Darrowmere: Definitely the best time I have ever had playing this game or any other. Would have been something if they never tore us apart like they did.
Varna! Look what I found :) http://imgur.com/gTL4qgH

Add me! Kasandrawr#1854.
Lol, that's awesome! You got a really nice looking bike there. I'll add you later tonight when I get off work :)
Hey Varna! I'm unsure if you remember me but I was actually just thinking about you today. We did have fun times together in Nagrand and Tanaris (WotLK event). I'd like to add you as a friend on battle.net!


Also, @OP (Wildcaster), I'm a little disappointed I wasn't included in your list, but then again, I was only really active on the forums.
Hey Moon, of course I remember. You saved my skin more than once back in BC. Glad to see you are still kicking around. I added you on Battle.net
Miss you guys. I'll tell Milkasaurus and Merytneith you said hi.

08/24/2016 10:30 PMPosted by Celphiish
4th?? You listed my name FOURTH?

Shoulda been 1st man..

I'm disappointed.

At least you were mentioned.... LOL
You definitely deserve a spot on the list Perky. I always hated seeing you on the opposing WSG team.
11/20/2016 02:36 AMPosted by Varna
You definitely deserve a spot on the list Perky. I always hated seeing you on the opposing WSG team.

The old BG system was so intimate, even before when it was server instead of battlegroup. Was always good/heart racing to see enemies we "knew" on the other side.

A stranger whispered me yesterday and said "EXPLAIN YOUR NAME!". Eventually, I convinced him I was me and he said he remembered me from the forums. Coincidentally, he listed off all the names written in the OP. Googling the names brought me here!

Sadly, only Etherimp and Myntala are memorialized in the wowpedia page for Darrowmere.
I played for a week when the game first launched, does that count ^_^
Kachigo and I (used to play on Sachs and ßlue back in the day) say hi to everyone--good to see old friends around, especially Kas!! (: Hope you all are doing well!

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