My Favorite Metal Bands

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Seraphim (The American guys, not the Taiwanese ones.)
Killswitch Engage
Born of Osiris
Famous Last Words
We Came as Romans
Ice Nine Kills
Bullet for my Valentine
The Amity Affliction

Why these bands? Well, Disturbed was what I listened to through High School, and they got me through tough times. My favorite song by Disturbed is Perfect Insanity, with Another Way to Die at 2nd.

Seraphim is a really good band, unsigned and not big, but still great. My favorite song by them is Belial, with their covers of Can't Feel My Face and Hotline Bling tied for 2nd.

Killswitch Engage, to me, gives off the "honorable/sorrowful/romantic" sound without being viking metal or epic power metal. My favorite song by Killswitch Engage is My Curse, hands down, with A Tribute to the Fallen as a some far-off second.

Born of Osiris' sound is just unique for deathcore, they have more intricacy in their guitars and drums than you'll find in most death metal/deathcore. My favorite song by Born of Osiris is Machine, with Illuminate as a close second.

Famous Last Words' first major album, Two-Faced Charade, really spoke to me as it dealt with mental illness to a degree, which I have. Their two concept albums really speak to the soul, and they're not just songs there being songs. My favorite song by Famous Last Words is... well, it's a tie between The Show Must Go On parts 1 and 2 combined, and One in the Chamber.

We Came as Romans' focus on brotherhood in their lyrics, at least in To Plant a Seed, speaks to me because of how I feel towards friends that are more like family to me. My favorite We Came as Romans song is To Plant a Seed, with Roads That Don't End and Views That Never Cease at 2nd.

Trivium's sound is what makes me like them. Their sound vibe is like a mix of classic metal and modern heavy metal. My favorite Trivium song is In Waves, with Until The World Goes Cold as 2nd place.

Ice Nine Kills' songs are horror-based, which is interesting. Another interesting part about them, to me, is that they started as a pop punk band. My favorite song by Ice Nine Kills is Bloodbath & Beyond with Communion of the Cursed as a close second.

Emmure is another sort of unique deathcore band. Their lyrics speak to me, most particularly the repressed anger and hatred I have inside me (That yes, I'm aware of.) My favorite song by Emmure is A Gift a Curse, with Solar Flare Homicide in close second.

Bullet for my Valentine deals with a lot of really sorrowful themes in their songs, and their songs tell a story that you feel through the sad/angry guitar bits and lyrics. My favorite song by Bullet for my Valentine is Waking the Demon, with Hearts Burst into Fire at 2nd.

The Amity Affliction is a special band to me, because their songs deal largely with suicide, regret, guilt, and how to overcome them. I identify with all of these things, so listening to them inspires me. My favorite song by The Amity Affliction is actually a really weird five-way tie between Never Alone, Give It All, The Weigh Down, Chasing Ghosts, and Don't Lean on Me.

Music is special, and metal has been my inspiration and escape. What's yours?
Nice! I'm a fan of a few of those, loved "The Discovery" album by Born of Osiris. I'm into a lot of the "classic" Metal bands like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica etc, but here's some of my favorites:

Dream Theater
Been into these guys for about 15 years, Progressive Metal at its finest (IMO)! Seen them live twice and it was amazing both times. I think a big part of my love for Dream Theater is the guitar work, I've been playing for a long time and John Petrucci, their guitarist, is pretty incredible. But the music in general is very interesting, can be a bit hard to get into though, the vocalist is very unique as is the overall song-writing. Almost impossible to put a list of favorite songs, but here's a few: Endless Sacrifice, In the Name of God, The Count of Tuscany, A Change of Seasons.

In Flames
Wasn't a fan of their latest album, it's still good music it's just not really my style. The first 5 albums of In Flames though are really special, whenever I want just perfect Melodic Death Metal one of those first albums is my go-to choice. Favorite songs: Moonshield, Jotun, Gyroscope.

Dark Tranquility
Very similar to In Flames in a lot of ways, they actually swapped vocalists with them after the first album! DT never got as popular as In Flames, but are every bit as good in my opinion. Favorites: Lethe, Insanity's Crescendo, Terminus.

Disarmonia Mundi
Less known MeloDeath band from Italy, with awesome 'guest' vocals from Bjorn Strid of Soilwork (another great Metal band). Definitely worth a listen if you like MDM. Favorites: Ocean Grave, Ghost Song, Ties that Bind, Nihilistic Overdrive.

Sadly these guys have just parted ways, but their catalogue is absolutely stellar. As much as we love throwing all the subgenre names around, it's really hard to label these guys. I just refer to them as "Metal" but it's really quite unique, atmospheric sounding music for the most part. Best listened to when you can relax and listen to an entire album in one sitting, as it's really quite a journey. Favorites: Hallways of Enchanted Ebony, And the Great Cold Death of the Earth, Falling Snow, The Astral Dialogue.

November's Doom
My favorite Death/Doom Metal band, while a lot of their songs are a quite typical, brutal sort of Metal, I'm a huge sucker for the quieter, almost ballad-like songs they write. Favorites: Broken, Lost in a Day, Dark Fields for Brilliance, Torn, Autumn Reflection.

Daylight Dies
Another awesome Doom Metal group, not as many of the ballad type songs as Novembers Doom, but still great nonetheless. Daylight Dies captures the gloomy, depressive mood better than just about any band I know. Favorites: All We Had, Solitary Refinement, Sunset.

Ghost Brigade
While I find the band name almost funny, the music really really shocked me, just awesome Melodic Doom Metal. They don't have many albums out yet, but every song is very impressive. I could basically just list their entire discography as my favorites, but that's cheating. A few good ones: Horns, Disgusted by the Light, Soulcarvers, Into the Black Light, Departures.

Edge of Sanity
Only found these guys about a year ago and I've been kicking myself for missing out! Some of the best Death Metal I've ever heard. Some of the singing is almost a bit too extreme for me on a few songs, but that's just me. Their albums "Crimson" and "Crimson II" are concept albums with basically just one massive, album-length song that I cannot recommend enough. Favorites: Black Tears, Silent, Crimson, Crimson II.

Could probably go on forever ._. Music is probably the highlight of life for me, always listening or playing music as much as possible. I love stuff from just about every genre, but Metal is always my favorite. Enjoy!
I'll play... kinda. It's easier for me to list favorite metal albums rather than bands, if only because some bands' discographies can be pretty bad. Anyways, here's some albums to try if you're interested in expanding your palate a bit.

Isis - Panopticon
Sirenia - At Sixes and Sevens
Angra - Temple of Shadows
Agalloch - The Mantle*
Leprous - Coal
Into Eternity - Buried in Oblivion
Emperor - In the Nightside Eclipse
Edge of Sanity - Crimson II*
Orden Ogan - To the End
Pain of Salvation - Remedy Lane
Wintersun - Wintersun
Lantlôs - Melting Sun
Arcturus - The Sham Mirrors
Between the Buried and Me - Colors
Devin Townsend - Accelerated Evolution
Diabolical Masquerade - Nightwork
Nightwish - Wishmaster
KMFDM - Nihil
Alcest - Les Voyages de l'âme

Bah. Okay. I'll stop now.

*When has the right idea. ;)
I've been hooked on Slipknot a lot recently.
Nobody listens to Slayer anymore?


Not very familiar with newer bands. I do like a lot of classic metal bands like Maiden,Priest,Metallica. my favorite though is Black Sabbath,especially the original lineup.
Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, KMFDM, System of a Down, Metallica. Fear Factory had a few good tracks; they had one album that actually had a lot of dance music influence.

Korn had some good tracks but I was only ever into whatever was on FM radio from them. Good stuff tho. I was into Linkin Park for a while, when their first album was out. Heavy on the NiN influence, and a bit derivative, but still rockin'. After that, though, and for me, I don't really think they made anything else unique. I kinda lost interest when the second, and third, and fourth album sounded basically the same.

AC/DC? I love them, but I guess they are more "hard rock", eh?
I don't really listen to as much metal anymore but my favorites in high-school were:

Powerman 5000
Lamb of God
System of a Down
Cradle of Filth
Marilyn Manson
Turmion Kätilöt
I've mainly been listening to Asking Alexandria, August Burns Red and Motionless in White.
Demon Hunter
Iced Earth
Lacuna Coil
Amon Amarth
Blind Guardian
The Sword
In This Moment
Avenged Seven Fold
Five Finger Death Punch
Bathory/ Quorthon
Rob Zombie
Iron Maiden
Too many more to name...
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Nobody listens to Slayer anymore?



Listening to South of Heaven while doing timewalking right now :)
I listen to Slayer still :)
just missed it in my list forgot Sabaton too and i am sure many more
Veil of Maya is one of my new favorites now, too.
A few bands i quite like are

Avenged Sevenfold
Job For A Cowboy
Cradle Of Filth
Finntroll (finnish metal band)
Nightwish (Symphonic "Opera" metal"
All That Remains
Three inches of blood (they sing a lot about medieval and fantasy stuff, they have a song called destroy the orcs lol)
That new Ghoul is awesome. Also love Municipal Waste, Carcass, 1349, ABSU, and may more. Those are active bnads now, my list of 80's bands like Celtic Frost and Venom is huge. I love metal.
Ronnie James Dio
Lazy Bonez
Sonata Arctica
Sabaton (Swedish Paaagans!!! <3 )

*Tarot is my #1, they are a big influence on me. Brothers Marco and Sakari Hietala formed Tarot in the 80's laying down the foundation for metal in Finland. Saku's wife got me into Warcraft. Marco was my inspiration to take up bass(which i need to get back to...too much WoW, not enough bass). This is the same Marco of Nightwish.
I've been listening to a lot of Stryper lately, myself.
It's hard to choose a favorite, but if you held a gun to my head and forced me, I'd probably say Nightwish. I didn't care as much for their latest album, but I've loved everything else. I discovered Nightwish around the time Century Child came out and have been a fan since then.

Otherwise, I like just about every style of metal but tend to lean more towards the symphonic/power sound Nightwish has or melodic death along the lines of Dark Tranquillity. I'm also a big fan of folk stuff like Korpiklaani.

I recently discovered Elvellon and have been listening to them a lot lately.

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