I am sick and tired of world pvp. remove it.

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While I do not agree with any points made by the OP, I do agree with some such as making quest givers invulnerable. In my opinion world PvP is some of the most fun "no rules" type play this game has to offer...put yourself in the World of Warcraft, you spot an enemy of the opposing faction, do you say "Hey stop that! I do not want to join in on the war in this world, leave me alone!" Simply put, no. Regardless of your stance on it...that is how it works.

If its red its dead.
its a game don't be a fkin puss y
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What world pvp mount

I guess you could count the mount you get for completing For the Horde/Alliance as a Wpvp mount since there is usually some PvP involved if you happen to run into defenders....and you usually do.
I left the realm I first started on over 7 years ago. World PvP in my opinion is stupid. Especially since they started allowing you to create both factions on the same realm. The reason why I left the pvp realm scene is simply because of the attitude of the general gaming community. I go to a guildies aid. Fight off attacker in lower level zone - only to being subjected by the foul mouth of a 12 year old brat whom got his rear kicked. World pvp in general is useless now, due to people playing both factions. I have not seen a successful "For the Horde" achievement since early WotLK. While you try to put a group together, you have idiots running to their opposite faction toons, and alerting that side of the attack coming. It was rare that happened back when you were only able to play ONE faction per realm.

The numerous changes to the game, like what I mentioned already. On top of CRZ'd realms have paved the way to make room for an influx of trolls, sore losers, and people whom have lost all respect for everyone, including themselves. I left my pvp realm because of this behavior that I refuse to adapt to. It is annoying enough to sometimes deal with the generalized aggressive nature of other players, with adding on top of that. Allowing people to dictate when and how you play the game, stopping you from completing tasks. Fighting with invaders not from your realm or merged group. And those that feel trapped in Garrisons/Major Cities/Faction Territory areas, just so they don't get preyed upon and leveling solely on Queue's.

This also goes on, on PvE realms and RP-PvE realms. But since my move I notice that its much worse. People feel like they HAVE to attack something because its attackable. Then get their butts whipped, and you spend the next 5 - 15 min right clicking and ignoring messages from the 12 year old wimp, whos too big of a "scaredy" cat to play with the big boys, only to prey on the weak cause that's the only thing that they can do at their skill level, and IQ. But at least I can play and get my junk done without having to lose half a days worth of play time - corpse running because of camping. Id much rather deal with the few idiots that react to my 5 min of accidently flagging in much the same manner as a shark to the scent of blood. Than spend most of my day trying to live, just to complete 1 or 2 quests.

But in the end I agree with the idea of making quest givers invulnerable. Players not engaged in the same interests as the others should not have to "pay" for that.
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Let's remove the whole War from the game and call it...World of Craft, yeah that works. This is how War and WARcraft works. You have all rights to kill the enemy or obliterate a town. Do you know that a good deal of other games and MMOs have world pvp too? Yeah, no one really complains there but when it comes to your precious WoW, OH NO!

I'm being forced to engage in a part of the game that I don't wish to be a part of when world pvp takes place.

No one is forcing you to pvp but you do need to realize this game is about war and you have enemies. Learn to realize that and deal with it. Go play LoTR if you want everyone to be on the same side.
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9/10 people in this game disdain world pvp on a major scale.

What about a grand scale? Or a petite scale?

This is how made up numbers work right?

Oh I dunno. Im quite fond of a minor scale myself. Bach used them to such great effectiveness. Prelude and Fugue in C# Minor from the Well Tempered Clavier : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vm_3AZ6fsI
I thought WPVP was dead except for in a few locations
05/16/2016 10:01 PMPosted by Irvington
It never ceases to amaze me how people are allowed to attack small towns and hubs in this game. There is no defense for it, it offers no gameplay mechanic, and 9/10 people in this game disdain world pvp on a major scale.

With that being said, i'd like the following to be implimented into the game:

Removal of pvp tagged NPCs
Removal of world pvp related achievements
Removal of world pvp mounts
World pvp only allowed on pvp servers
pvp on non-pvp servers be severely limited to BGs and Arenas
Removal of world pvp objectives, quests, and zones.

Thank you.

Oh look. Another troll who doesn't like something in the game and "demand" it to be removed.
I think they need to make the quest givers off limits; it’s really annoying to not be able to turn in a quest because the opposing faction keeps killing the NPC. Other than that, they have realms that are pvp and realms that are pve. Choose according to the way you want to play. I have characters on both and admit that leveling is so much easier when you aren’t always looking over your shoulder but I also know people that thrive on that. To each his own. Just make the NPC’s off limits so you don’t stop the progression of questing for people.
05/16/2016 10:01 PMPosted by Irvington
There is no defense for it,

You're the defense for it. Don't like it, don't go into contested zones and level completely through dungeons.

Though quest givers should summon multiple guards and have their personal defenses increases. Max level in every town.
05/17/2016 08:31 AMPosted by Profìen
this game is about war

No not really. It is about a fictionalized account of someone's idea for a "clean" war one that has no consequences. Real war is messy. It is inconvenient and there is no GY to rez at when you die. Now if you had said this game is about strategy and tactics (along with elements of good role play an storytelling and experiences) then I could agree. I cannot agree with this being about the real state of affairs at any time or any place where an actual war took place. The battlefield allows for two types of people and creates two other types. The quick and the dead. It creates the wounded and the shelterless. To those of us in the United States we have only ever had two wars take place in our back yards, both of those we of this generation have only the pages of history to describe those wars. Unfortunately for us (or fortunately depending upon your outlook) History books are quite antiseptic. They can record for us the events that happened (and this will always be tainted by the hand of the victor) but they cannot convey to us the emotional state of the moment when the guns resound and lives are being lost and homes and businesses are being destroyed.

If you want to experience (on a microcosmic scale) what the battlefield really looks like, go to Ferguson MO or Baltimore MD or any of a number of other communities where citizens have or are in combat with each other. I think I can guarantee that your perspective of World of Warcraft and true actual battlefields being similar enough to raise the analogy will shift quite dramatically after someone lobs a Molotov Cocktail in your general direction.

The fantasy of war and the reality of war are always (either from negligence or from some agenda) romanticized by the re-tellers of the battlefield. They either ignore ( on purpose or from convenience) the horrible reality that in war some people die and some people are wounded and some people are left with nothing but a scarred and burnt terrain that they once called home. All because someone somewhere thought that what someone else had was their own by right and that that someone somewhere else did not deserve the possession that they thought worthy of being protected.
So what you're saying is "I'm playing a game that I actually don't like but instead of leaving the game I am going to ask the developers to change the game based on my desires."

That's like playing a Call of Duty game for the first time and then realizing, "hmm on second thought I actually don't enjoy guns and warfare, I better tell the developers to patch both of those features out of the game."

World PvP is a cornerstone of this game, and was actually much more bigger many years ago than it is now. It's probably one of the first things that comes to mind when I think about the MMO genre.

Your argument is absurd, and in my opinion, if you don't like a core feature of a game, then you probably shouldn't be playing it.
Cry more, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease! Wow, you must be on a PvP realm to have such complaints!
Just need to add guards that spawn when a higher level then the zone allows that only kill the higher levels.

Bliz dont care though, 10+ years of the issue and nothing ever was done.
05/16/2016 10:34 PMPosted by Irvington
05/16/2016 10:16 PMPosted by Profìen
Let's remove the whole War from the game and call it...World of Craft, yeah that works. This is how War and WARcraft works. You have all rights to kill the enemy or obliterate a town. Do you know that a good deal of other games and MMOs have world pvp too? Yeah, no one really complains there but when it comes to your precious WoW, OH NO!

I'm being forced to engage in a part of the game that I don't wish to be a part of when world pvp takes place.

You're forced to take part in things in real life all the time that you don't want to do but you have to because things like 'laws' or 'family obligations' make it happen.

You have a choice to play this game, or play other games.. You may not like it, but it is a choice.
I understand how annoying it can be to get ganked, and griefed by other players in open world PVP, but that is why Blizzard has a wide variety of realms with different types to choose from. I started out on pvp back in classic, and I played in pvp realms many years. After leaving the game for about 9 years a little after cata was released, I changed over to Normal as I was sick of being bothered with the opposite faction while I was relaxing fishing, questing, or what ever. There is no need or reason to remove any one game type, perhaps requesting one that better fits your gaming needs instead? That is something Blizzard might consider if you ask nicely, and can get more players interested in. When there is a great need for something, changes generally take place.

Not trolling you, not being mean or rude, just stating my opinion with no ill intent.
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Because the powerful heroes (the players) are supposed to be the peacekeepers. Most "heroes" these days seem to be cowards who won't get off their mounts and help though.

Why would they when they have no incentive to do so? They can go through the frustration and tedium of unbalanced small-scale PvP where cooldowns and gear mean far more than skill and receive.... absolutely nothing for their trouble.

The Alliance pays me well to kill dragons. They don't even toss a copper my way to deal with 420ganksmcsmokem. As a supposedly great and powerful hero, I have more important things to do with my time than run border patrol against bored rogues. That's what guards are for.
Yeah but 420ganksmcsmokem and his buddy Xxlolistabuxx are also great and powerful heroes that happen to need to assassinate Whatshisface for reasons. It's up to you to stop them! Will you aid us, brave hero?
While I will agree with the sentiment that one-shotting lowbies isn't what I would consider world pvp (to me, it's the equivalent of going fishing with dynamite), I don't necessarily want world pvp to be removed.

There are options one can take to not become involved in world pvp. And they've all pretty much been stated by others in this thread.

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