Internal Server Error 500 when trying to use Web Auction

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Internal Server Error

"An error occured. Please try again later."

Error ID: E7477

Been seeing this all day long. Found no posts about it. I hope someone's aware of this, and is working on it!
Still borked, and still no responses anywhere I can find. Good going!
mine says

This realm is currently in maintenance.
Mine aswell, 'This realm is currently in maintenance".
Mine is in in maintenance too :-(
05/19/2016 04:25 PMPosted by Hamilkarr
This realm is currently in maintenance.
I've been posting on the mobile app forum too and am requesting a sticky. Why no response after days of frustration? The mobile ah started working again for a brief moment on Wednesday, then it failed again. Sadly, the website is down, too. Now, both are saying that the realms are in maintenance, when they clearly are not. Why does everything seem to break when they do a maintenance?
Yeah, I'm seeing "Realm is in maintenance" now, too. Hopefully, it means they're actually fixing the @#%$ thing, after several days of it being down with no notification or acknowledgement that there's a problem.

I'm not usually one to complain, but this is just Not Right.
Fixed, or at least in testing, on Feathermoon, about 4pm server time, still working at this time.
Apparently this is operating on a realm-to-realm basis. Proudmoore or Barthilas are working properly now, but still not Thunderhorn.

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