Do you currently find the game fun? Be honest

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It's fun enough to keep me subbed for now but not fun enough to keep me looking forward to years of playing.

If Legion isn't pretty spectacular it will likely be my last expansion.
Yep, It's a game that I enjoy. I have no idea why people who are paying a sub or spending their time logging in to farm garrison gold, just to keep a token active, if they don't enjoy the game.

Mostly likely so they can keep posting on the forums about how they dislike the game,which is their right as a customer who has an active sub, and just seem troll the forums.
Anyone coming to this thread and saying they still play but dont like the game HAS to be flat out lying.

Why would you be here on a forum of a game you dont like?

Why would anyone but the dullest moron continue to play a game they dont like. I dont care if its cash, tokens, Gramma Weatherby's trust fund, mommy and daddy paying for it.. whatever..why would anyone have such little self respect as to waste time on a game they dont like?

Either I'm overestimating the common sense and self awareness of the average person, or there is an extreme amount of stupid wandering these halls.

My assumption is most of the people who claim to not enjoy the game are actually here to be edgy or too self conscious to actually admit to enjoying something.
Yup.. still raiding, pvping and dungeoning.. it won't get old unless my friends leave the game.
Nope, it gets harder and harder to have "FUN" when you are doing the same thing day in day out EVEN in that world, never thought post cap world play would hit farm status but it did but the value is short lived for all that farming.

WOD taught me one thing quite well and that is with pathfinder, even the world is designed like a raid, you put it on farm status and if it is going to continue to be designed as a farmable place, I will simply opt to become a cyclical player and enter if I enter a new expac at some point after the the expac is half over.
Of course, else I wouldn't still be playing.
Absolutely not. It's the worst I have ever seen it. I actually cancelled and have 3 more days left. I never thought I would cancel.
Sort of. I have wondered if I continue to play out of habit.
I had planned to quit for a while when No Man's Sky came out but as that has been delayed I continue to log in each day on WOW.
06/01/2016 04:35 AMPosted by Wyther
I love this game. There's almost always something to do. The one thing I hate is that I don't have more free time to play it...

I seriously miss the days when I could play 40 hours a week. Now I'm lucky if I get 10 hours a week in.

I'm trying really hard right now to finish off all the Archy achievements from MoP, and Draenor, and lunkers for one more pet and the mount.

I wish they would have put garrisons in the mobile app so I could keep up with it while I'm AFK.

I had fun this expansion. A different kind of fun, since I was alone for most of it, but I didn't feel shut out like I did in MoP.
Yes, I find the game very fun.

As with most things in life, it is what you make of it. My playstyle is mainly Roleplay, a huge amount of casual PvP and Transmog-hunting. Those are things that don't rely solely on new content or onward and upward gearing, and are very sustainable aspects of the game even in content drought.

Above all, the small group of people I play with matter more than any of that. If I didn't have company I enjoyed, I don't think I'd play much at all.
06/01/2016 04:17 AMPosted by Paindeliver
I am still playing cause I buy tokens, so if it weren't for the tokens I wouldn't be here.

So you continue doing stuff you don"t like because it's not coming out of your pocket?


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