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I was looking to buy a gaming mouse as I've been stuck with a pretty basic model for a long time. Of course, the two it seems to come down to are the Razer Naga and the Logitech g600. I was wondering if anyone could provide some feedback on the two, specifically to how they function on OS X. Razer seems to have more software support and the fact that its a newer model makes me feel like its less likely to run into bugs with current OS X updates. On the other hand, the g600 was retroactively given Mac support and most of the information I can find on it is a few years old now. I prefer the build of the g600 and have a lot more faith in the longevity of Logitech devices over Nagas so it would be my first choice. I'm just worried that I won't be able to access its full functionality or will run into several bugs when trying to do so.

Is anyone using either and can give some insight into how well they function on a mac? Alternatively, if there's a better mouse with similar features, I'd love to hear a recommendation.
Personally I use the MadCatz MMO TE mouse. It's similar to the Naga, but the buttons are far more distinctive and easy (for me at least) to distinguish between them.

There is supposed to be OSX software for them, but it doesn't actually exist.

However this turns out to actually be an advantage.

The mice buttons (all 20 of them or so) are individually recognized in WOW without any software. So all you need to do is go into keybinds in wow and tell it to use button X for tool bar item W or whatever and it works perfectly.

I stopped using windows for wow because I had to use the software on it for them and don't on my Hackintosh.
I'm using the Logitech G600 because I couldn't get Razer software to work (Naga worked out of box without the software, but you couldn't reassign keys). Granted that was a year or more ago on 10.8 so maybe they're better now.

Only quirk I'm having is with 10.10 is the Logitech software was pretty regularly complaining that it needed to be authorized in the accessibility control panel whenever you restarted the computer. Didn't hurt anything but was annoying. Don't know when it stopped or why, when I wrote this post I realized I hadn't seen that error in a while.

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