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As we announced on our blog, we’re starting up a series of Live Developer Q&As taking place every Thursday at 11:00 a.m. PDT for the next several weeks. You’ll be able to tune in live at Twitch.tv/Warcraft.

You can submit your questions via Twitter by using the hashtag #LegionQA, or simply by replying to this forum thread. For our first session, we’ll be talking with Assistant Game Director Ion Hazzikostas, and there are no restrictions on topic—as long as it’s related to the Legion expansion, fire away!

Please keep in mind that we want to make sure we get to as many questions as possible, so try to keep it short. We’ll only consider questions that use 40 words or less.
What are you going to do about the Blood of Sageras issue? That is, that it is really unfair as BoP for dual crafters, dual gattherers, and those with Herbalism/Alchemy.
Are there any plans to implement more varying item geometry for our characters' armor? I'd love to see things like open coats and skirts of medium length.
Will Death Knights be getting new models for their minions? The "new" Sludge Belcher uses a rather old abomination model from Vanilla.
Mass AOE seems far more common than ideal multidot scenarios, both on live and in Legion; is it finally time to ensure that competent AOE is part of every DPS spec's basic kit?
Regarding social tools, are there any upcoming improvements to help guilds find players, and players find guilds? The current system is extremely weak with its lack of filters, no option to look for "free agents" and inability to invite offline players.

I feel that a lot of the supposed anti-social behavior can be dispelled if players could simply find a group of players they like.
Can we have more details on how the "mega dungeon" is going to work as well as its attunement? Can we expect something like Blackrock Depths? Without revealing what it is and what the story is about of course.
1) Will you re-think ret paladin mobility?
Unholy dk has equal mobility, baseline, and ranged attacks that you took away from ret. Plus all the dk tools they get.

If ret is to be melee only, ret needs all the universal melee tools which means short cd mobility, no cd snare.

2) Will you rework ret paladin rotation to make it not as unfun as inquisition was?
Re-think judgment/mastery kthx.

3) Reconsider ret greater blessings not being a dps penalty.

4) Will there be an alternative to "rated pvp gear" having a large advantage over non-rated? For example, allow prestige to get gear that might possibly upscale like it does in wod.

5) Allow pvp templates to work in pvp combat in world pvp.

6) When are the melee nerfs coming? Mobility/burst/healing too high.
ION! On a scale of 1-10, How much!?
Any word on looser transmog restrictions? Artifacts are cool but I'm going to miss being able to use fist weapons on my enhance shaman.
1. What direction do you see holy paladin going in? We've had different versions of class fantasy in the beta, curious to know what the final "class fantasy" vision for holy Paladins is since it's changed a lot throughout alpha/beta.

2. Any plans for looser transmog options in terms of weapons?

3. Any plans for more cosmetic items like the shadow pan helmet in MoP?
With PvP, LFR/Raids, and even the Order Hall getting its own set.. don't you think it's time that dungeon sets made a return in Legion for Mythic+ dungeons? Give players something rewarding to work towards.
What kind of shampoo does Lore use?

Will the outdoor content in Legion be updated as time goes on ?
1) Is Legion flight ready, or will it require some development work like 6.2.2? If it is ready, then why is it not being tested on the beta?

2) Can we get a better idea of whether flying will be able to be unlocked early, middle or late into the Legion patch release cycle (i.e. late = last content patch)?

3) What is the design philosophy for letting us do pathfinder, and withholding the reward for content we mastered until later in the expac? (It's like downing a boss and waiting on patch to get loot)
Why do you think RNG legendaries are helpful to the game?
Did the game developers consider doing a character level squish?
How are you going to handle people being stuck with one specific weapon type for their spec? (ex: fist weapons for elemental shamans, dagger for shadow priest and demonology warlock.) Is it possible there will be looser restrictions on weapon transmog?
When is the pre-patch?
Any updates on the potential timeline of Demon Hunter early access beyond the rough at least 1 week prior timeline? I'm dying to get working on the BT warglaives^_^.
06/13/2016 02:18 PMPosted by Unstopuhbull
When is the pre-patch?

Dang, That's what I wanted to most know. I forgot.Thanks.

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