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Horde Fury Warrior - full BIS gear, all consumables and xp.

7/8 WOD, only missing UBRS.

Can run anytime, just add me in case you want to get a solid UBRS group going before pre-patch.
alliance combat rogue

mostly BiS, Flasks, Pots, Food, etc

no WoD CM experience but have watched vids several times

available anytime

Enhancement Shaman still looking for a silver/bronze group. I will absolutely do gold if it's a gold group but if there is enough bronze/silver folks out there, hit me up. Pietro#1207
Horde combat rogue

Not fully bis, but have multi on every piece.

Have gold in slag mines and sliver in auch, mainly looking for gold.
Those are the only two CMs I've done this expansion.

Have all consumables and will be available everyday this week except Tuesday at 7pm EST.

I have less than 8 days (July 19th) before it ends.


Retribution Paladin

8 1/2 years of Veteran Player with pvp/pve exp

I have cleared 9/9 gold in MOP and need 0/8 Gold in WoD

I have watched many videos on every single dungeon and I know all the fights and even mob pulls to the trash...I don't have vent, but I like to organize certain cooldowns and interrupts and what not.

I have pots/flask//food

I am free every 4:00 pm to 11 pm (EST) at all weekday/weekend

Battletag - Dynatre#1822
WW Monk - Joeygiggs
Cleared MOP CMs gold
Prefer Gold but if that cannot be done will do Silver for the mount.
Availability mainly Tuesday Wednesday Thursday this week evenings from 8pm EST on. Other days will be from 1145pm est on

LF geared DPS for gold CMs have 1 spot open Saberist#1189 add me quick please

Group of 4, well-geared, all 9/9x2 mists cm group looking for 1 dps- either hunter or enh shaman. Very chill group, no ragers please. Willing to explain the dungeons, but please have BIS gear (not a big deal if missing a piece or 2).

We're looking to run any time past 10pm est in the next week. Can probably get them done in 1 night. Add me at Rose#1637
Hi friends,

I was going to post this here but it got too long :( buttttt Friendship Yeti is back :) so I'm just going to leave a link here in case my other post gets knocked down too low in the next day and a half and I figure more people will be looking here :)


Good luck to everyone with their CMs this week!
4/8 Gold WoD CM experience, 2/13 Mythic HFC.
Have BiS, pots, food, etc.
Looking for:
GOLD Skyreach
GOLD Grimrail Depot

Can do 7/12 from 2am EST onwards, 7/13 all day, 7/14 2am onwards (Australian time zone so thats why they're weird times).

Add me on Ellochums#1517

Good luck everyone!
Multi 8/8 Gold Player looking to get CMs done on my Warlock. Also have done realm best times on other characters.

Haven't done them since the first two months of WOD but I think I should still be fine in them. Currently in BIS gear for HFC. I also have an enh shaman friend with blade mirror that would come if we had room.

Please add my battletag if interested, available most nights!

Have 8/8 Gold CM on my warrior. Looking to complete it on my shaman.

Almost full BiS gear for HFC, also have blademaster as well as soul cap.

Friends with Rykun (Multi 8/8 Lock)

7/8 Gold and 8/8 Silver XP

Alliance Enhance Shaman looking to do:


I have very limited time to do so as I will be going out of town.
Best time will most likely be tonight or tomorrow morning

Add my Battle Tag at Romeish#1400
8/8(x2) gold in MoP (legit, not carry) + 13/13 mythic HFC (Have not done WoD CMs yet)
Alliance Enhance Shaman looking to do:
All Gold CMs

I'm usually available thur/fri/sat/sun/mon after 6pm EDT
Add my BTag, Capnsafety#1727

Edit: Have CM gear + all potions/consumables/glyphs/voice chat/etc.
07/12/2016 01:28 PMPosted by Capnsafety
8/8(x2) gold in MoP (legit, not carry)
Done. Thank you.

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