Is there any plans on upgrading 4K graphics monitors

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Hi blizz I was wondering if Is there any plans on upgrading to support 4K graphics monitors
The game already supports it. Just pick your resolution and go - adjust your UI scale as necessary. You could even set it to 2160p with 200% render scale and get 8K/4320p if you wanted.

What more do you need?

*ed: If the mouse cursor is too small, there isn't a lot Blizzard can do about that without moving away from a hardware cursor. You can adjust the DPI scaling at the OS level to make the cursor bigger, however this can cause issues with some software and an OS older than Windows 10.
They probably mean actual updates to the graphic rendering to be native at the higher resolutions instead of simply allowing the adapter to upscale. The difference being the artwork itself would be higher resolution.

That being said, typically even artwork updates will likely involve bit duplications to achieve a full 4k resolution until such time as 4k is the standard for most players. No point investing the time and effort on the current/old content until it is the standard.

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