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06/27/2016 01:36 PMPosted by Olïmar
and what about frost? and unholy is good for raid? I dont know if im going to go DK just looking at videos for now and will chose at the launch

Edit : im a destro player.. never tryed demono

Well Death coil can be your shadow bolt you're used to having. I think Frost DK would be viable for you as well since you mained destruction.

But yeah DK is looking sweet in the expansion (Naturally as it is a hero class).

Fire and frost both feel pretty good to play right now. Especially fire. Not sure if I want to play a ranged DPS though. I've always preferred melee.

Assassination is pretty fun on beta so might play that. Haven't given outlaw a play yet because roll the bones just looks infuriating when it doesn't work in your favor.

Ele has always been fun and enhance on the beta was a blast to play. They seem to want enhancement to be a slow spec though and I am not interested if that is the case.
Second expansion i'm actually sure of what i want to do personally (first one was Cata and things went pretty well for me in that one).

Survival Hunter all day everyday (i wish...but at least during my free time) until i get high rated in Arena again.

Then i'll goof around on my Enhance Shaman, Brewmaster Monk, Boomkin and possible a DH.
Mage, not convinced on main spec. Likely frost or arcane. Fire seems like a possibility but i've never really focused on fire gameplay. It has the nukes but survivability is questionable, like arcane. Frost is still a control freak with a Glacial Spike = Icy Pyroblast now.
I feel the same.

Shaman - enh because it's the most fun shaman spec
Druid - resto/feral
Rogue - assassin/outlaw

No clue what I want to main.
i keep going back and forth. a hybrid of some sort first so i can have a multitude of things to do. i love to heal dungeons and lfr so something that can heal. i have all 5 healing classes at 100 with two pally's and two shaman. i haven't really played MW because my monks always been BrM/WW. but i got him some cheapy healing gear to try it out once tri spec goes live. honestly it depends on how the new balance feels. right now i'm thinking priest or shaman but if balance is actually bearable then probably druid.
My warrior, took me some time but after testing all the classes and specs i was interested in warrior was the only one where i liked all 3. Also, tho my race and faction have changed over the years, except for a few periods I've been a warrior since Vanilla.
06/27/2016 11:28 AMPosted by Dragonrise
Blood DK - Being unbeatable in 1 on 1 pvp.

I would like to see 2 Blood DK pvping ;)
06/27/2016 01:23 PMPosted by Kiztee

This might help - this is from Preach Gaming and he's got a very honest video about what class you should play in Legion (this is from a raiding perspective)

TLDR: "You have to play what the raid needs, screw what you want or enjoy, despite the fact that I said the exact opposite of that at the start of the video."
After playing more on the PTR, Druids and Shamen are really sweet, Druids especially with their versatility. Good patch for the primal classes.
I face this decision every expansion. I always change my mind on the playstyle I enjoy the most and when they announce an expansions I can never decide until it is too late.

By the time I have decided it is way too late and I'm not well established or anything and it is too late to get into a guild for raiding.

But for me this is the first expansion where I actually have my plans laid out.

Since they are going to wait at least a month before raids come out. I plan on rushing my Miner/BS and Skinner/LW to max level, I play 16 hours a day so for me this will be doable in the first week. Get 3 star crafting on both. Then once the prices are a bit more stable after a couple weeks I am leveling my enh shaman. And I plan on maining that all expansion.
My elemental shaman. My first main and my main main. :)

I'm definitely getting Ashbringer though. And trying Demon Hunters.
Holy Priest first, in tandem with a Hunter (probably Marksman).
For me it's a bit like a buffet, I'll just have bites of all sorts of things - before one will really "click" and then it's go hell for leather on that one character.
I've been playing beta and right now I think my sort of main will be my affliction warlock or boomchicken. And I will probably stick to tanking on my monk here. Not sure, I feel weak.
Sigma Factor
Where I can't decide who I'm going to main.

I know! I'm so excited! My Multiple alt syndrome is going into overdrive, I'm going ot need one of each spec of each class!!!
I'll be playing fury warrior because that's what I always play whether the spec is in a good place or not.
Probably too early to make a final decision. But I think with the artifact weapon process, it is going to be more important that you choose carefully. If you get it wrong, you could be quite a bit behind for a few months, if you end up changing.

Luckily, this expansion druids are mostly unchanged. I usually only toy with the idea of changing my main each time, and then end up playing Swifthoof anyway.

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