Any guilds still doing moose runs?

Hydraxis and Terenas
I was able to get a run (totally with the help of this post!) this past week. Thanks everyone who replied either here or in-game (:
We still kill heroic Arch weekly for ring upgrades for our new players/alts but we're horde side so not sure if we'd be able to help you out. Best of luck in your search.
@Zultan - I do have a somewhat freshly boosted level 100 hordie that I made for just this scenario xD If you guys are willing to carry a super noob through with sellable, high dollar pets as payment then I'd love to tag along sometime. Thanks for your reply, regardless!
I'm sure we could figure something out. We generally do H Arch on Wed. at 745pm CST (not always but usually, so message me around 730 on that day and we'll go from there).

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