[Insane in the Membrane] Order.. Need Help!

Heya all,

Can someone please confirm this achievement more recently then some of the posts, all I can find is conflicting information on which order you have to do this achievement... Half the people are saying it doesn't matter as long as you hit each rep requirement at some stage and half saying start with bloodsail because you will destroy your goblin reputation and have to do it all over again.

Which is where my issue comes in, we recently farmed all 4 goblin reputations to Exalted then had them drop as we farmed bloodsail to honored, do we now have to go and farm those 4 goblin reputations again or has this been ticked off under the achievement? I am aware that people farm it again so they are not hated with booty bay etc to be able to use the bay.

Appreciate the help and thanks to those in advance
Did you quest in the goblin zones yes/no? If you're close to exalted go finish the Goblins now. If you're far from exalted and still mostly friendly/neutral go nuke them and bribe your way back to the top.

Just remember, all goblins will hate you once you nuke/become hostile to them. It's better to rearn your reputation with it. But, no they're not able to use the bay. They can use the flight master & fishing trainers, but nothing else really in Booty Bay.
Check where you are at with bloodsail. If you're really close to unfriendly like I was, it's better to pirate cap your goblin cities first.

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