Anyone around still from early Nathrezim?

Anub’arak, Chromaggus, Crushridge, Garithos, Nathrezim, and Smolderthorn
I created my first toon on Nath day 1 of retail (Dorn). Joined a guild at lvl 22 and was the highest level guy in a pretty good sized guild until they brought in a warlock named Tacos. He was lvl 30! I think the guild name was "All for One."
This is BGM's DH. If any of you guys want to goof around and do some mythics, hit me up in game. I am the nicest person around, I swear!
Im still around
Old member of Fury and Fusion. I'm still on nath. I miss those old days.
We're all here. Slowly grinding through Legion. Been on Nath since March '05.
I just got my Death Knight to 110, and I want to get the tier 19 mythic death knight set.

Is anyone gonna hook me up, or should I just hit up the ol' premade LFG raid tool and takes my chances?

Here is my DK's crappy armor page for you to point and laugh at.
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Btw, any post from Serabi not in gnome form is fake.

Well, if you insist

I member you!

This is Tabula. Still around. Curious to see who else is out there.
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Well, if you insist

I member you!

This is Tabula. Still around. Curious to see who else is out there.

Well, if the X-files taught me anything, it's that the truth is out there.
I'd settle for familiar faces. :)
Holy crap. I remember a lot of you from my Hariel days. House of Eldarie hurrah
There, better.
Antii Orc Hunter in Fury and RoZoPiNi just getting back into the game after how many years
I came to Nathrezim with the free xfer from Arthas. And then ended up deleting that toon and rolling Horde. Shaman (Zaosin) was in Strength in Numbers, iRaid, Unrated. Then rolled on my rogue since.

I'm from 2005. Started in a guild called Hands Of Fate that raided up to Naxx and split at that point. I remember all the guilds OP mentioned but wasn't a part of them. I miss the good old days.
Classic can't come soon enough.
I recently returned to WoW. Same character from Vanilla days. I was in Strength In Numbers for a while, but I was also in Nature's Guardians, Respite, and Dark Apocalypse . I remember a lot of the early days of Nathrezim, like Dance camping low level horde players in the Booty Bay Inn. I had an interesting experience with Ichabod flying from Winterspring to Orgrimmar involving him doing something adult themed in /say that I wish I still had screenshots of. That one time I ran a dungeon with Lanfear was fun too (p.s. Lanfear is fat, ha ha ha ha

I'll leave with my favorite quote from the old forums "On the behalf of the Board of Commerce and Tourism, welcome to Nathrezim" - Dance
/peeks in from the shadows/
/nods at Serabi/

Glad some of us made it.

Original Toon on this post. I spent the past 6 years being a nurse. Had to quit wow to focus on school for that. I remember the juggernauts of Nathrezim. Well, sometimes I remember more than others. I was there when the AQ gates opened. I miss closed realms, 4 day AV's, "Class" leaders, and Your Mother. Tell her to make the cookies I like. She knows which ones.

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