Anyone remember Raid Awesome?

Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade
I come from back in the day, one of the original members. Just wondering if there was anyone still out there that played or remembered Raid Awesome on Scarlet Crusade?

I remember it.

It had a *very* few good, decent people.

For the most part, though, I try to forget it.
Lord... it's been forever. Those were good times though.
Pepperidge Farm remembers.
Yes. Yes I do.
Oh the memories...
I remember it well. (Darkeye)
I was just thinking about it the other day. Can't remember why
08/17/2016 11:17 PMPosted by Kinetic
I remember it well. (Darkeye)

F.U. Darkeye.

Love, Medawky.
hey guys wassup
Ah yes, remember Raid Awesome, and all those awesome days. Dang, I need to level this wench. *pokes*
Oh yes, I still remember RA. I miss it quite a lot.

The channel still exists, stop by it sometime. Or send me a /tell to let me know you're still around, it's nice to hear from the old familiar folks.

Yep. I was there when Kash passed on the Obsidian Edged Blade to an inexperienced Orc arms warrior with more ambition than common sense! Good times, good times.
Dang, that's a long time ago. I remember it though.
I remember it well! Still have screenshots from our first Ony and Rags kills.
I don't remember it at all, but that's okay. :)
Wow, long time, I got recruited into Angst and ran with RA and Kimmy (hunter leader I think that was her name) for a while before we went off on our own, great times!

I wonder how many of those people are still about...
08/17/2016 11:17 PMPosted by Kinetic
I remember it well. (Darkeye)

Darkeye! I hope you're doing well.

I was Maura/Stormrunner back when. I'm much less of a brat these days, thank god.
I raided with Raid Awesome back in vanilla/bc but quit the game before wrath came out, and with cross servers coming out everything fell apart anyway.

Undeleted my toon at the tail end of pandaria and looked around for familiar faces but couldnt find any.

I miss it though. A bunch of us actually flew from all over the continent to rent a beach house for a weekend and hang out and drink and had a great time.

Still trying to dredge up old names from the past but its hard to pull them out of my scatterbrain. Cenere, Jodmos, Khimaria, cant think of many more. Voraine of course. :) but even when you recall a name most people dont even play that toon any more. Never even thought of using the forums. Heh.
I think I remember most of them. I feel guilty Stormrunner/Maura/I were such a dramatic brat. I really hope people are doing well.

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