Anyone remember Raid Awesome?

Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade
I'll never forget it.

As an aside, Stormrunner stop falling into the lava.
I still fall off of things a lot, which is why the halved falling damage is *so* nice.

I really wish I knew why.

But mostly, I'm sorry I was so horrible to you all back then.
08/12/2017 11:27 AMPosted by Buthaleirus
I'll never forget it.

As an aside, Stormrunner stop falling into the lava.

Aha Butha! <3
Wow. I just got back to this... I have been trying to find old friends!!! Ala and Kimmy and OMG!!!! Please, find me. btag is strrdust#1212

Ala... Which channel??

~missing my people~

Ries <3
I made a channel in the social section of the launcher thing.

Please, feel free to join. It would be great to connect again.
I miss seeing the forum posts
I remember a certain PIG making racist jokes and getting reported for it, only to ban the wrong person from his special little club lol.
Just 'cause.
Only vaguely, mostly because

03/05/2018 05:41 PMPosted by Jumanee
I miss seeing the forum posts
Raid Awesome and others were pretty awesome.
I apparently cannot stop falling into the lava, as I have fallen into Antorus' lava. Ffffffff.
I was only ever a third stringer is RA, but I still remember so many great moments. My mom getting on comms at the beginning of a MC run and everyone dancing and waving to my mom so she could understand I was actually playing with living people is a great memory.

Love you Butha! You will always be my model of what a rogue can be.
Hi Torant! I hope you're doing okay.

I still feel terrible about how awful of a person I was during this time era.

But mostly, I look forward to an expac that's not barfing green and black all over.
Courtesy of Turrican:
08/23/2018 11:32 PMPosted by Kazzad
Courtesy of Turrican:

Kaz, you are still around????
I miss most of RA. At least I get lots of cute corgi pictures from Tafsham on Facebook. And he can't beat me on dps anymore...
I hope Taf and everyone are doing well. I miss so many folks. And man, that video brings back memories. I was so awful- backpedaling?? Really? And TURBO PUPPY!

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