Players from vanilla Bronzebeard

Bronzebeard and Shandris
I've pondered coming back to Bronzebeard, I think I may have made a lvl 1 toon here to placehold my old name just so I could dink around, even if it's mostly quiet these days. =)
I wonder if any EO people are still around. Or Balance for that matter. A lot of good memories and a few not so hot ones from being here on BB.
I'm kind of amazed that I would go on my old server forum and find a thread about the Vanilla days.

I played from 2005 to 2008 on Bronzebeard, mostly doing PVP stuff. Was guildless for a long time before joining Prestige and then eventually Linear under Haploman. Was lucky enough to play with some of the early PVP gods like Surn, Mayan, Bronar, Azuris, and Skyye. I remember some of the great horde players too like Snorkels, Finisher, and Wilhem. I also remember doing Arena with Ekreo, who was an amazing rogue.

I Still have some pictures from 2005 to 2008, especially from the early PVP days of Warsong Gulch. If anyone's interested I'll link my old screenshots below and you can click the play button at the top to go into slideshow mode.
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I used to play a mage named Ksmrfate back in vanilla and BC on Bronzebeard. I raided in Dark Circle and Blood of the Innocent guilds during vanilla. Then I raided with Horizon during BC. I came back for WoD and now I'm enjoying legion. Wow has become an addiction again. :/

I used to play with Rijal, Fuzbun, Handil, Beoden, Slouthammer, Cid, Biffins, Lebowsky, Ayanna, Gigaflare, Glazz and Dinglao. Those are just some of the players I can name of the top of my head.

Just found this thread when it was linked to me by Cid. I played as Glaz the mage in Nightmare Rising, BOTI, and Horizon. I ended up all over the place but mostly horde side on Mal'ganis until a RL friend had me move to Trollbane.

Polymer hits me up from time to time via email but he quit playing back in 2008.

Cid and I chat occasionally on Facebook. Numpty and I text every so often.

I still tell some war stories from the Vanilla days.
Old Vanilla BB player here, I transfered to Aggramar before WoD Came out to play with a friend & name changed, was Farkbshadow. I used to run with the pug group GMC+10. Was part of some smaller guild back then which was Plan B. Then later in BC was in Myth then BC-Cata Paradigm/My Target Please.

Pretty sure no one would recognize me since had some strange play hours. Just recently rerolled on BB again leveled up a Void elf mage. Still good to see there are some Original Vanilla BB players around.
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Another Vanilla player here. I was Ocon (this toon) in Straw Hat Pirates, Fists of Glory, and Thorns of the Black Rose, and Xerillius ( Holy/Prot Paladin ) in Relentless Few TBC through WotLK. I roll on Whisperwind now with my wife and my brother ( Delius [Mage] from SHP and TotBR ).

I miss gates of orgrimmar pvp w/ Ocean.

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I wonder if any EO people are still around. Or Balance for that matter. A lot of good memories and a few not so hot ones from being here on BB.

Some of us still around, but the numbers are low. Violette and I are back here after many years off.
Old BB player here too. Used to play on Spootanany and I was in HTHH. Don't see any familiar faces in the thread but I figure why not try.
Vanilla BB player here...mostly played other games last 10 years (Eve Online, Ark, D3, PubG). Might come back for this next expansion.

I raided on the alliance side with GrizzlyAdams (Hunter). PvP on the Horde side with Needle (Rogue- made Lt General).
I moved this toon off BB during a server split. I was in the guild <B A N G> and we voted to go, but I lost track of everyone shortly after. I've come and gone a lot since then, but no other server has ever felt the same as those early years on Bronzebeard.
Just dusted off my account after a 4 year hiatus
Hello all

I have been around since launch! Been on this server just as long lol!
Saw this post and figured I'd post myself, see if anyone I knew was still around.
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Saw this post and figured I'd post myself, see if anyone I knew was still around.

well 10 years or so later, hello everyone! lol crazy to see some of you old heads years later. Cid here, played a warrior on this server. recognize some of he names on this thread. thought id pop in and say hi lol

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