If you could have one food item from WoW...

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What would it be?

I'd choose the Charbroiled Tiger Steak, if it were up to me.
Hmm, I'd go with one of the giant banquet meals from Pandaria.
a nice tall glass of Yeti Milk.
Sea Mist Rice Noodles.

Had me drooling every time I looked at them.

Yes, there's turtle meat in them.

I want it anyway.

I'm a monster.
Any number of Pandaria dishes, and the savage feast.

I love Chinese food.
Mana pudding. I'd never have to cook again! Just summon it right up.
Kibler's bits
Tasty Cupcake.

I want to know if it really does make you happy.
Greasy Whale Milk is the obvious answer.
I always thought Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops sounded pretty delicious.
Buzzard Bites. Anything with that funny of a name must be fun to eat.
Beer basted boar ribs

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