sale on character services please

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been wanting to server transfer rest of my toons also do a couple race changes but since i got 5-7 characters the cost adds up to be alot, much rather this then mounts!
Yes please! I'm in the market for a handful of transfers and race changes too, and for 11 characters it's prohibitively expensive!
I'd buy a few race/faction changes if we could get another big discount.
Unlikely to happen at all, and definitely won't happen before Legion is released.
If this happened I'd do two transfers, and three race changes. Screw paying for all those at full price. I'd rather suffer the races I initially choose and the servers they're on than shell out $125....
I'd like to see the 100 boost go on sale. Have levelled 10 toons to 100 and want to do three more. Even with 'looms at mid 40's I'm ready to hit the insta-accelerator lol.

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