what side are you on since day one?!

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"Side? i am on nobody's side, because nobody is on my side."
-me, in tree form
I have max levels on both sides but I tend to favor horde much more than alliance.
I've always been on the blood elf side. I played orginal wow for a second until I heard about blood elves and then waited for them to be released to start really playing.
Lok'tar Ogar!

I was alliance then went horde.
I was Alliance, because back then everyone thought blood elves were going to be an alliance race eventually.

I have been Horde since TBC.
play both, but i like dwarf culture/architecture the most.
I started Horde, they added Junk Elves and destroyed the Barrens, I went Alliance.
The side the Blood Elves are on.
As a druid, I identify as Cenarion Circle exalted.
My favorite side to play in Warcraft 3 was the Human Alliance. My favorite Hero unit was the Paladin. So, here I am.

It kinda saddens me that when you look back at the Frozen Throne expansion, it basically had three Horde campaigns, because the Human Alliance campaign focused on Blood Elves and the Scourge campaign focused on the Forsaken.
We were Sin'dorei for ages, but Garrosh's horrible warmongering ways and persecution forced all of House Solheart to seek refuge in the Alliance. We have faithfully served the Wrynns since that time.
For the horde!
For The HORDE!
Started horde, played alliance for most of the game, then Garrosh showed up and converted me to the true horde, now I don't care about either of them
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Strange you mention it, but I was thinking how pointless factional conflict is. However, back in 2005 I was true blue Alliance. These days I think the artificial divide is stupid and causes the worst writing out of Blizzard.
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I have max levels on both sides but I tend to favor horde much more than alliance.

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