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A long overdue Update:

I took a spontaneous break from WoW for the last month or so, but I'll be back to it in like a week. In that time I'm planning on giving this another proof read and writing an opening sequence into the guide (finally). I'm also planning on adding to the Movement section of the Advanced Rotation, specifically surrounding Life Tap use.

No PvE relevant changes have been made to Destruction for 7.3 as of right now, so there won't be a big update for the patch.
7.3.2 Update... or lack there of:

Nothing PvE relevant changed for Destro (at least not until Antorus is out).

When Antorus opens, there's likely one or two things I'll add for the Tier Set (adding its effects, maybe a little thing about getting max benefits from it), but nothing huge coming to this guide for now.
11/01/2017 05:09 PMPosted by Aldeen
7.3.2 Update... or lack there of:

Nothing PvE relevant changed for Destro (at least not until Antorus is out).

When Antorus opens, there's likely one or two things I'll add for the Tier Set (adding its effects, maybe a little thing about getting max benefits from it), but nothing huge coming to this guide for now.

"2-4 Stat Builds, Gems and Enchants
These priorities will change based on Talent choices, Artifact progression and target counts. The priorities and enchants/gems suggested below will provide a good stat priority for most situations.

Stat Priorities
Generally: Intellect => Haste > Crit > Vers > Mastery"

I noticed your mastery is well above the rest of your stats, why?

This seems to be common be it here, or Icy Veins - That those of you who do class/spec reviews tend to have stats listed differently than what you actually use and im curious as to why? ty
12/25/2017 01:24 PMPosted by Quasidoc
I noticed your mastery is well above the rest of your stats, why?
The short answer is that I got gear upgrades/leggos since Antorus opened that traded a lot of crit for mastery, but it sims higher, so I kinda have to deal.

The longer answer is that, in general, you want ilvl over almost everything else (except for rings and neck) since the stats tend to be pretty close together in value. That general priority is what you should be roughly aiming for when you can get it, but it doesn't mean that gear that gives you more of a less highly weighted stat isn't an upgrade, nor that you will always get gear that allows you to keep that balance. As such, you can end up in a situation like myself where Mastery heavy gear is simming higher than the more balanced secondary gear just because of the lack of particular upgrades to preserve/counter-balance that.
Greetings friends,

Please, I'd like a little help with the status on this 7.3.5.
I noticed that there is a wide variety in relation to the status of the best right-handed Warlock.

Some use 21% crit, 30% stem, 75% mastery, 7% vers.

Other 28% crit, 28% stem, 59% mastery, 9% vers.

Other 26% Crit, 31% Crit, 52% Mastery, 9% vers.

There is no pattern and all are with high damage. My question is: What would be the Ideal weight or cap for each status?

Thank you !!!!
Hey everyone, more of a "looking forward" update than usual since we're in the last part of the expac.

Since the introduction of LOSS, it's felt like this Guide has been mostly obsolete or unnecessary with it having sims as well as a guide and general raid advice (and at worst, this was a point of confusion when saying different things to it). More specific to my own experience with maintaining this guide, I've found myself either perpetually behind the 8-ball of Warlock raid advice and/or finding it hard to balance my commitments outside WoW and maintaining this guide to a quality that matches or at least is around that of LOSS.

That particular overlap of Discord servers rising in popularity as well as LOSS made this guide for the later part of Legion do more damage than good when it came to informing those that may come across it, both by me not being as vigilante as I should have been in updating the guide as well as the nature of being superseded by LOSS and its contributers (the people at the forefront of Warlock theorycrafting and simming, etc). After all, most of my information was coming from the very people who were maintaining/writting stuff up in it, and this guide felt more like a delayed reflection of that than a helpful guide in and of itself.

So thinking to BfA and beyond, I'm thinking that a Guide such as the one that exists isn't the best way to keep people in the forums informed on what to do as any spec in the game at a given time. Instead, I'm thinking a more generalised help thread that doubles as a log analysis thread with some FAQs and some talent suggestions (where appropriate) might be more conducive to being a quick reference people can read whilst not potentially misleading people with out of date representation of what LOSS essentially holds.

In the next few weeks I might rewrite this guide to reflect something like this as practice for what the future spec threads will look like. Hopefully we can at least keep a reference of some kind for people who wander into the forums looking for basic tips or help without trying to copy or reinforce quite literally what LOSS and those contributing to it (Gahddo, Silver, Not, Loozy, Matoko, and plenty I haven't mentioned) are saying.

TL;DR: I think it'd be better to have combined FAQ/Log analysis threads than full guides to avoid conflicting with LOSS (basically the Warlock bible atm) and misleading anyone on the forums. This thread might be transformed into one of these as practice before BfA.
Finally bit the bullet and updated the guide to a form I hope to carry into BfA.

I cut out a lot of the chaff from the previous iteration, focusing primarily on the things that get brought up the most on the forums that have very direct answers. I've typically avoided anything that would need to be explained by heavily referencing sims, for example.

I've also expanded on the logging section, adding some pointers to look into when looking at Destro logs. This section needs some work in terms of phrasing, but with BfA coming up soon, I thought it better to get the structure out there for feedback rather than making sure it was pristine the second it appeared.

I'm going to be working on this over the coming days, particularly the second section and some formatting issues, so if anyone has any feedback for me over the new structure/content of the guide, please let me know!

I'm debating writing one of these for Demo and Aff come BfA, but it all depends on the time I have once the expansion/pre-patch is here. If I end up writing them, I'll likely update here since this thread will be unpinned once BfA comes around.
So uhhh... about that update.

Took a fair amount of time away from seriously playing the game (besides raiding) and have been real busy since with non-gaming stuff that I didn't have the time to really update this, short though the result may be. Might as well make the thread useful while its pinned!

On a related note, it seems that a forum software update is on the cards that will be locking all threads that survive the migration. Not sure if that means that this thread will be locked and pinned afterwards, or if it will even survive. I've got copies in case I want to get this back up on the forums again, and it might be good to have this thread not have the pages of Legion Destro posts in the future, so its probably a blessing if it is deleted.

Either way, I hope this guide in one of its multiple forms helped some of you when you saw it.

See you on the other side.

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