LG [H] guild for Legion

Hydraxis and Terenas
Looking to do some raiding, but really interested in mythic+ dungeons in Legion. I didn't raid in WoD beyond LFR really, and I skipped playing most of Cata and MoP, but did heavy raiding back in Wrath including raid leader for a while. I would be able to make raid times during the week in early evenings around 7-11pm CST and weekends are flexible

Pretty laid back and enjoy cats, long walks on the beach, and inappropriate humor. I take the game as an actual game and don't get bent out of shape over the little things. I like a little pvp action on the side and I am a weird person as in I like Ashran more than most people. Been playing the game since vanilla, but I am not going to remind you of tat every 10 minutes... maybe every hour or so.

I also have a warlock, warrior, shaman, and paladin on Horde side that I rotate playing on a regular basis. I have plans for a priest, rogue, and hunter in the near future as well.

If any of this interests you... let's chat. Takarazuka#1716

EDIT: Obviously I shouldn't post prior to coffee since the title line should read "LF [H] Guild for Legion"
We're always looking for more quality people so we'd be happy to have you. For more information about us check out our recruitment post in this forum. Also I added you on bnet so hit me up some time if there are any questions I could answer for you.

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