Proudmoore Community Discord Server

Hello Proudmoore,

I have created a Proudmoore Community Discord Server. My goal is to create a positive and fun environment while helping folks connect and PLAY as a community......After all we are all on the same server.

Unexpiring invite to this Discord - - Must HAVE a verified email

If you don't know about discord check out - 100% Free - no ads or gimicks - PC - MAC - Android - IOS - Web Browser - Linux client Comming Soon

Here is a nice infographic about discord -

I am currently in NEED of Moderators and also some in-game muscle to promote the server.

Attention Guilds - I am willing to create guild specific/private text/voice channels on a per guild access basis. btw voice channels can support up to 1000+ people. Please message me for more info

btag - Shazzer#1951
discord tag - Shazzer#3021
Can I request a Sticky
Neat :D
more should join!
People shold also get the Betterdiscord addon @ CatChamp
I wonder how long till this is basically nothing but advertisements. Guild recruitment, CM carries, Mounts etc etc. Still good luck making it reasonably popular, if you get a modest little community going into legion could be useful a friend or two while searching for a Mythic Dungeon Crew or the like.
Seems like a neat idea :p
My goal is to get individuals and Guilds using the server. Social / grouping / guild recruiting / class help / etc

Like I said if ANY guild wants to use the server I can give them their own dedicated voice channels that the GM / Officers have full control over. I and my mod team will make sure that it does not turn into a cesspool of spam/advertisements. So please give it a try.


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