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Hey there! I logged into Earthen Ring everything was fine for a few minutes. But, suddenly you cannot cast anything or interact with NPC's. All chat works fine and so does group invitation and raid finder.

But interacting with anything in Draenor seems to be dead.

Edit: Hopped into a raid, perfectly fine. Teleported back to my realm everything cannot be interacted with.
You'll need to post in Tech Support.

Have you tried exiting the game and launcher and restarting?
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No point. It's working fine now. Just got out of a raid. A handful of people of my realm were all experiencing in Draenor. It seems stable again =)

Edit: Interesting. All of my Garrison's NPCs changed, I had Harrison now it's not Harrison, etc. Dailies reset 3 hours ago. Second reset today! Odd!

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